All the reporting and data you need to improve your key account management teams’ email performance without leaving Outlook or Gmail

89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience – Salesforce Research

  • Track email reply times and set goals (shared and individual mailboxes)
  • Scheduled reporting and email SLA tracking
  • Report on specific customer groups
  • Set real-time alerts for important emails
  • Mark emails as “closed” and view which replies have breached their SLA target

Hundreds of companies already trust timetoreply’s email performance optimization & analytics software

Email reporting features for Microsoft Outlook and Google Workspace made for key account managers

View Average Email Reply Times

See how long your staff take to reply to emails. See their average First Reply Time, Overall Reply Time, and their response time trends.

Email SLA Tracking

See which emails have met their SLA goal and which have breach their SLA target. Setup scheduled reporting to see how you are performing to specific customers or groups of customers.

Set Response Time Goals

Set goals and reward staff based on their activity and email reply times. View the time that the first emails and last emails were sent in a day, compare the number of emails sent inside and outside of business hours, as well as each staff member’s average number of emails sent and received per hour.

Track Email Conversations

See how many conversations each mailbox is a part of, how many conversations are waiting for a reply and how many have been completed.

Track Responsiveness

View what % of emails have been responded to in under 30min, 60min, 4 hours, etc. Set your own reply time bands and improve your staff’s responsiveness to emails – a great springboard into more general productivity discussions with your staff.

Teams and Customer Groups

Group staff into teams, and create customer groups to see how different teams are performing and how your business is responding to your customers.

Schedule Reports

Schedule customized reports to be sent to you (or anyone else) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Control Your Data

Use filters to include or exclude certain emails and other data from being counted in the reports, for greater accuracy and clarity.

View Message Logs

View the message logs to see the time it took for each reply in a conversation (your reply times and your customers’ reply times).

"In terms of responsiveness, it’s gone up from 62% to 86% as a company."

Lonnie Jackson
Vice President of Customer Management

"We have seen response times in particular groups go from 7 hours to 2 hours with the timetoreply data. This is getting information to our partners quicker and streamlining the way we work."

Kyra Augustus
Director of Partner Support – Central

"When it comes to communicating with our customers, timetoreply helps keep our teams performing at their best. The analytics help our leaders understand team performance and find opportunities to tweak and improve the service they're providing to our customers."

David Crowley
VP Operations

Worried about losing key accounts due to poor email service?

With our real-time alerts, you can create an alert to fire when there has been no response to a key customer after X amount of time.

The alert can be sent to a manager, the agent who needs to respond or anyone else you choose.

You can also link up with your CRM to automatically create a task for the agent so that they know to respond to the email.

  • Improve reply times
  • Never miss an important email again
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Increase NPS

Need an easy way to track email SLA performance with key customers?

timetoreply turns your Outlook or Gmail into the ultimate email SLA analytics and reporting tool.

Now you can mark email threads that have been handled as “closed” and get clarity on what is awaiting a reply, what has been handled and what emails were responded to within SLA and which emails breached your SLA reply time goals.

Finally, your teams’ email performance won’t be a blackhole.

  • Meet your SLA goals
  • Save time by focusing on emails that matter
  • Improve team performance
  • Delight your customers

Handling key account email communications via a shared mailbox?

clients@, customers@, whatever your shared mailboxes are called, we can provide analytics on how you are responding to customers on the shared mailbox level and how each individual agent is performing to emails they handle from the shared mailbox.

Understand email workloads, average reply times and want requires a reply.

Avoid customer complaints about not receiving a timely response to their email queries by seeing reply time goals and tracking them for your shared mailboxes.

  • Manage team member workloads
  • Provide better, more consistent service
  • Incentivise top performers who respond to shared mailbox enquiries
  • Set first reply time and overall reply time goals and track your team’s performance against those goals

We’ve got your back. Safe and secure for all major email providers.


We only track To, From, Subject line and timestamps.


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Works with Microsoft Outlook, Google Workspace, and MS Exchange


Google Security Certified
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Google Security Certified
SOC 2 (coming soon)
HIPAA (coming soon)

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