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So what is timetoreply all about?
Timetoreply provides you with analytics into how well your sales staff are responding to their emails. It works with all mail clients and is super secure. 

It measures:

  • How quickly your sale agents’ reply to new emails
  • How quickly your sale agents’ reply to all emails
  • Number of emails received.
  • Number of emails sent.
  • Number of emails that received a reply from the customer.
  • Industry benchmarking statistics.
How does timetoreply work?
timetoreply doesn’t send or receive your email. It simply works on top of your existing mailbox to analyse your inbound and outbound emails in order to provide analytical data about how quickly your business and sales agents respond to emails. When you sign up for timetoreply, we establish a secure connection with your email server so that we can analyse your inbound and outbound emails. The software works with IMAP, Gmail, o365, Outlook and MS Exchange.

Our software and algorithms analyse your email activity and provides reply time reports and leaderboards for your company that can be viewed via your online dashboard.

As emails comes in and out of your mailbox we measure the time it takes your staff to respond. timetoreply does its magic without ever reading or storing the body of your email. We only analyse your email header information to calculate your timetoreply™.

What does timetoreply cost?
We offer a 14 day (full feature) free trial. After the trial we charge $25 per mailbox per month (1 to 20 mailboxes). If you have more than 20 mailboxes that you want to track or you would like a self-hosted version please contact

You can sign up for free, without a credit card to test the software using our 14 day free trial. At the end of your free trial period you will be prompted to enter your billing details should you wish to continue using our service.

We use Stripe to handle all of our financial transactions. We do not store your credit card details. All details are held by Stripe (more information here:

Will timetoreply work with my email setup?
timetoreply works with any email client, service or device. We simply work on top of your mailbox to analyse your email in order to provide email reply time reports and leader boards. timetoreply works with any IMAP mailbox, Outlook or Gmail mailbox.

POP accounts aren’t supported due to their technical limitations.

How are metrics calculated? Do you have access to my emails?

Timetoreply only ever has access to the metadata found in your email headers – this is all we need to generate your reports. We access this information through supported APIs.

In other words, we can never access the body or attachments of your emails, so your data remains completely private.

Your emails never leave your server: timetoreply never takes possession of them, and only analyses email headers to measure reply times and produce reports.

Your password is safe: timetoreply needs access to your mailbox, which means we need your login credentials. However your credentials are 2-way encrypted with proven public key cryptography and placed on a server that is unreachable by public internet.

Our site and application are both HTTPS secure using a SSL certificate from Thawte.

How do you protect my data?
Our API is SSL protected with Thawte. The means that when data is passed back and forth from your site to our site, the data is encrypted. Please visit for more information. All data on our servers is 2-way encrypted so even if we are breached the data cannot be viewed.
Why does timetoreply need my email address and password?
With Gmail and o365 no username or password is required. MS Exchange requires a password, but the solution is self hosted and the credentials remain on within your own environment.

Our IMAP option is the only option that does require a username and password. We need to establish a secure connection to your email account so that we can provide reports and leader boards about your email performance.

What will happen next?
timetoreply analyzes your sales agent’s inbox to provide reports and leader boards on their email response performance.

Hardened, Secure and Private
Your password is safe with timetoreply. The contents of your email are never read or stored on our servers. We use 2-way encryption and to store the encryption keys.

Cancel anytime
Cancelling is always one click away. We will then put everything back the way we found it.

Why does timetoreply need permission to access my Gmail data?
We need to establish a secure connection to your email account so that we can provide reports and leader boards about your email performance.

What will happen next?
timetoreply analyzes your agent’s inbox to provide reports and leader boards on their email response performance.

Hardened, Secure and Private
Your password is safe with timetoreply. The contents of your email are never read or stored on our servers. We use 2-way encryption and to store the encryption keys.

Cancel anytime
Cancelling is always one click away. We will then put everything back the way we found it.

Does timetoreply change the way I communicate with my clients?
Not at all. We do not affect your email in ANY way.

We simply analyze the data to provide you with analytics. Our enthusiastic algorithm calculates your average reply time.

What if timetoreply goes offline?
timetoreply doesn’t send or receive your email. If timetoreply happens to go offline, your email WILL NOT be affected in anyway. Your emails will still be received and delivered as per usual. The only difference will be that you won’t be able to view your reports and leader boards while our system is down.
How is my site’s reply time measured?
The timetoreply software works on top of your existing email to measure your reply times and provide analytics in terms of initial average response time, overall average response time, volume of email received, number of initial emails replied to by your agents, number of customer replies, average customer reply time to initial email, completion rates and more!

Our super-smart algorithm calculates your overall average reply time across each mailbox that is being measured. This clever little beast takes account of your time zone, past performance, business hours and recent improvements to calculate an accurate assessment of your average reply time.

Why is response time important?
Research shows that 78% of all sales go to the first company to reply. And that by moving from an average reply time of, say, 60 minutes to under 5 minutes, you can increase contact rates by over 900%. Simply put, the faster you reply to inquiries, the more likely you are to make a sale
Is there research to support what you’re saying?
Oh yes! Lots of research actually. Lofty and respected folk such as the Harvard Business ReviewForbes, MIT and the Kellogg School of Management have published a number of eye-opening studies on the importance of fast email reply times. They report how replying quickly increases both contact rates and sales conversions. They also show the benefits to lead volumes from showing your site visitors you’re a fast responder – as you can with the timetoreply Trustimer.

timetoreply helps you do all these things simply and effectively. Not only does all the research back up a compelling case for timetoreply, we referenced it extensively in developing our own proprietary algorithm, and uncovered some pretty valuable insights of our own in the process.

How do I know what my ‘timetoreply™’ is?
You can view your ‘timetoreply™’ in your dashboard or on the Trustimer.
What if my reply time isn’t that great – do I have to show it?
Not at all – control is always in your hands. You can select whether to display your Trustimer on the “Trustimer” page on your dashboard.

When you’re happy to share your reply time with your website visitors, simply select the option to display the Trustimer. If at any time you want to stop showing your Trustimer or disable any features, you can change your preferences immediately by simply logging into your dashboard.

How do I view the graphs and reports - What information is available to me?
Once you have logged in, go to your dashboard and view the full range of analytics, graphs and reports available to you. You can select various parameters to custom build the view you need using the filters.

You can then compare agent performance or look at your company performance as a whole.

How do I compare my reply times?
You can use the reporting and filter function in the dashboard to compare your various sales agents’ reply times.
Do my employees need to know timetoreply is installed?
No, you can install the software without them knowing they are being measured. Although we recommend telling them as you will see a behavioural change and they will start replying faster to their email.
Does timetoreply only measure reply times via email?
Yes. Research shows that 75% of web enquiries are first replied to via email – so this is the key time metric to measure and track in most businesses.
Do my prospective clients know that I am using timetoreply?
Only if you elect to display the Trustimer. If not, and you only use the software for internal tracking and reporting, then your customers will be none the wiser. However, telling your customers that you are using timetoreply and are committed to Fast Response builds trust, and has been shown to increase leads, client contact rates, and sales conversions.
What happens outside of office hours?
In the installation process you will be asked to select your standard office hours and whether you work over weekends. We will only measure your reply times during office hours (and weekends if you select this). Our timetoreply algorithm has been designed to take this, and many other factors, into account so as to display an accurate average response time on your Trustimer.
Do I need to install any software on my employees' computers?
No, you don’t need to install anything on your employees’ computers. All we need to be able to do is connect to your mail server either using your IMAP username and password credentials, Gmail authentication or Office 365 authentication and you can start measuring your employees straight away.
This all sounds amazing. How do I sign up?
That’s music to our ears. And it’s easy. Just register for an account (no credit card required) and get started with our 7 day free trial. Play around with the software and if you decide to continue using timetoreply after the 7 day free trial we charge $25 per mailbox per month (further details on pricing are available here). Follow the simple instructions and within minutes you’ll be able to test and view your first reply time in your shiny new timetoreply dashboard.

If you need help just give us a shout and one of our eager team will get back to you straight away (we’re all about fast replies, after all). Get Started – It’s Free. No credit card required.

Do you take my credit card details up-front?
No. We only ask for payment details after your 7 day trial, should you wish to continue using the service. So you can sign up for free, without entering your credit card details and test drive all the features for 7 days.
How do I get support if I need it?
Simply email us at or use the details on our contact page. Once we have read and understood your request we will reach out to you either via email, phone or Skype to answer your questions and provide assistance.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel either via the dashboard or by contacting our support desk. We will stop your monthly subscription immediately.

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