What is a nurture email? The complete guide

Read our complete guide to nurture emails. It includes best practices, sample templates, and tips on writing nurture emails that'll improve sales...
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Writing cold emails that convert (elements and templates)

Reading this guide will get you up to date with everything you need to know about cold emails. We cover vital elements that help convert readers, and...
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How to write a sales email that converts (elements and examples)

Read our guide to learn how to write a sales email, what are the various types of sales emails, what elements to include, and the best way to convert...
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How a shared inbox helps businesses (5 key benefits)

By reading our post you'll gain expert insight into how a shared inbox helps you and your organization improve overall productivity and...
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How to add a shared mailbox in Outlook (and track important metrics)

How to add a shared mailbox in outlook (and track important metrics)   Companies that handle large volumes of customer service or sales...
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What are the KPIs for email marketing (especially those crucial to your success)?

KPIs for successful email marketing   Email marketing is a powerful form of digital marketing that involves sending promotional or...
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safe, guaranteed

How to write guaranteed high-converting prospecting emails

This post will show you how to structure effective prospecting emails for your sales and customer-facing teams. Get a template example, pro tips, and...
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email, business

An overview of email management and why it’s vital to every business

Discover email management, which tools can assist with this and why it’s vital for every business.   Email is an essential part of any...
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know everything, learn

Everything you need to know about customer service emails

Customer service emails provide an excellent opportunity to engage directly with your customers. How well you manage and execute customer service...
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