timetoreply™ Training

Our software is a powerful email analytics tool and in order to get the most value and insights from our software, we recommend our training course.

The course outline is covered in the below points, but in short, it is aimed at business owners or managers who are going to be logging into the dashboard to pull reports and analyze the data and email performance behavior of staff members.

Learn how to set up your account, track your performance to customers, track how customers or suppliers are responding to you, track email response time SLAs and measure group mailboxes and individual performance to those group mailboxes.

What does the training include?

In order to get the most of our timetoreply™ we’ve developed a training module that takes you and your team through the entire process.

The course includes the following sections:

1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough of timetoreply™ – Key terms& definitions
3. Setting up the System – Company, Business Hours and Timezones, Account Access Levels, Agents/Mailboxes, Billing.
4. Teams – Creating Teams, Visualising Team Performance.
5. Group Mailboxes – Adding Shared Mailboxes and Aliases.
6. Message Logs and Conversation Logs – Tracking Individual Message Threads and Emails.
7. Reports – Using and interpreting the Comparative, Interaction and Domain Reports, Scheduling Reports.
8. Controlling your Data – Domain and Email Filters, Whitelisting, Detail Filters, Advanced Filters.
9. Exporting Data
10. Getting Help – FAQ’s, Videos, Support.

How is the training delivered?

The training is done online and primarily via Google Hangouts, however, if you have a specific web conferencing platform that you would like to use instead just let us know!

What does the training cost?

Training costs 250 GBP for a 2-hour training session. The training is one-on-one training to train the owner/manager who will be in charge of using the software within your organization.

How many people can attended the training?

The training is one-on-one via Google Hangouts (or your preferred web conferencing solution) and is aimed at the person who is going to be in charge of using the software to monitor your staffs’ performance.

What happens after the training course?

By purchasing the training you will receive our PDF training manual which includes everything that is covered in the training course.

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