Hundreds of companies already trust timetoreply’s email analytics and performance optimization software

Instant Microsoft 365 email reporting

See exactly how fast every individual team member replies to emails in Outlook and track response times across your organization. Monitor service level agreements, missed emails and team performance all from one place.

Recommendations directly in your team’s Outlook inboxes

timetoreply doesn’t just reveal key email analytics. It helps your team act on them. With real-time prompts and recommendations directly in every Outlook inbox, it helps every member of your team improve their own reply times, in real-time.

Deeper insight. Bigger improvements.

With more data than Microsoft Dynamics, timetoreply gives your unrivaled access to the insights that matter to your organization. Get the analysis you’ve always wanted and improve your teams’ performance in ways you never imagined.

timetoreply is the only Outlook email analytics software that works with every Microsoft 365 email client

Every device

Every operating system

Every team member

Individual and shared mailbox analytics

Track and measure all incoming and outgoing emails for individual Office 365 accounts or shared mailboxes to see how your team responds to inbound leads and customer service queries.

Scheduled reports and real-time alerts

Set daily, weekly or monthly reports on reply times and SLA agreements to check goals are being met, and get real-time alerts if important emails are missed or agreed response times are about to be breached.

Perfect for sales and customer service

timetoreply is the ideal Outlook email reporting software for both sales and customer service teams. Compare individual activity, display leaderboards to create healthy competition and give all your team members the opportunity to boost their own performance in real-time.

Seamless set up and integration with your Microsoft 365 inboxes

timetoreply links directly to all your Microsoft 365/Outlook inboxes in seconds, so you’re set-up in minutes. And with one simple installation from the Microsoft AppSource store, you’ll unlock huge performance improvements from your team.

An unbeatable array of Outlook analytics and Microsoft 365 metrics

Response rates

Emails sent

Time to first reply

Average time to reply

Average time to follow up

Time to resolution / close

SLAs met/missed

Overall team performance

Lead volumes

The Outlook email analytics you want. The performance improvements you need.

Get all the Microsoft 365 analysis you need for total transparency on your team’s email & lead activity in Outlook AND give them the real-time help and support to reply first, reply faster and boost your revenue.