Email Response Time Tracking Software

timetoreply works with your existing email to give you analytics on how well your team members are handling their email enquiries

  • Track and improve your teams’ average reply times to emails
  • Get quantitive metrics to make decisions on where you need to improve
  • Create scheduled reports and start to understand how many emails are being responded to within SLA and how many replies are breaching their SLA target
  • Set real-time alerts for important emails
  • Analyse which emails where responded to after X amount of time

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Works with all mail clients: Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, MS Exchange, Mac Mail and more. No software to be installed.

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1. Measure Your Reply Time

THE TIMETOREPLY DASHBOARD TELLS YOU how long your staff took to reply to an email enquiry and how well they performed with each email. You’ll get to see how many emails each agent received, replied to and how long it took them to respond to each one. These metrics alone empower you to adapt your approach and increase contact rates, boost sales and enhance levels of customer satisfaction.

2. Track Your Progress and Improve

VIEW REPORTS 24/7 and get analytics on your agents’ reply time, completion rate, customer engagement rate, email volume and more. Using filters drill down to specific performance for certain customers i.e how long on average do we take to reply to customer X.



3. Improve Performance By Creating Competition

MAILBOX LEADERBOARDS will help you incentivise your sales agents to outperform their peers and encourage your customer facing teams to provide the best service possible over email. View leaderboards for first reply time, overall reply time, number of emails sent, number of emails received, replies within SLA, replies outside SLA, completion rates, customer engagement rates and more!

4. Contact and Qualify More Leads

YOU HAVE A 100 TIMES BETTER CHANCE of contacting a prospect if you reply to them within five minutes*. timetoreply helps you reply to your prospects while you are still on their mind, increasing your chances of catching them in a buying mindset.

* Source, Harvard Business Review

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As visitors come to know, like and trust your service, you’ll generate more leads and make more sales.





“In terms of responsiveness, it’s gone up from 62% to 86% as a company.”

Lonnie Jackson

Vice President of Customer Management


“We have seen response times in particular groups go from 7 hours to 2 hours with the timetoreply data. This is getting information to our partners quicker and streamlining the way we work.”

Kyra Augustus

Director of Partner Support – Central

Swift Momentum

“Everyone has improved their reply times by at least 300-400%, giving our customers a 3-4 times faster and therefore better experience. As a business owner, that’s huge!”

David Sarembock

Founder and Managing Director

Capterra Reviews

“timetoreply is the best for the job. It is very easy to set up and import as many Agents(users) as you want and see the data populate in a matter of minutes.”

“We’ve been able to address staffing, general productivity, contingency planning, communication spikes and increases, and more. timetoreply has been incredibly valuable to our organization.”

“Being in the service industry, we are required to meet certain SLAs for our clients. timetoreply has helped us to ensure that we are providing the best possible service and meeting our SLAs.”

“It offers the privacy that individual user need/appreciate while still giving insight into communication performance for both internal and external clients.”

Frequently asked questions

1. What is an acceptable email response time?

For any business, maintaining an average email response time of under 12 hours is essential to delivering good customer service. However, to take your customer service levels from good to great will require much quicker email response times.

In fact, to meet modern customer demands for instant gratification you’ll need to respond to incoming customer service request within an hour.

Doing this without the help of specialised email response management tools such as timetoreply is nearly impossible. Most customer-facing teams simply receive too many emails to maintain quick response times without the help of a software tool.

That’s why tools such as timetoreply are essential to companies wishing to improve their email response time.

2. How do I track email response time in Outlook?

Despite its popularity as a primary email client for millions of users around the world, there is virtually no way to measure important sales- and customer service related metrics on Outlook. Except, that is, for timetoreply.

If you want to measure and track email response time in Microsoft Outlook or O365, you can use timetoreply, the only Outlook analytics software available for teams.

Our easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution quickly integrates with Outlook to instantly start generating vital insights into the email performance of your customer service and sales teams.

This enables you to know exactly how long each mailbox takes to reply to internal or external emails, while real-time alerts ensures that no important emails slip through the cracks and remain unanswered.

    3. Which features to look for in an email response time tracking software?

    The best email response time tracking software will offer a number of key features, including:


    • the ability to work with all mail clients, from Outlook and O365 to Gmail and MS Exchange.
    • Real-time measurement of reply times via an easy-to-use dashboard
    • Powerful reporting capabilities with data export option
    • The ability to set and track custom SLAs
    • an option to analyse which emails were responded to within custom time thresholds
    • real-time alerts when emails are approaching their SLA thresholds to avoid slow responses or forgotten emails
    • the ability to set up mailbox leaderboards to motivate sales and customer service agents to improve their email performance and close the email response time gap
    4. What is the best team email response time software?

    Timetoreply is the only email analytics solution that works with any email client. Our email management software enables you to understand your team’s business email metrics, including average email reply times, email volumes per individual or shared mailbox, and time to complete customer support queries.

    The powerful insights produced by timetoreply’s email response time software enables you to benchmark and track your customer service and sales teams’ email performance.

    Timetoreply also provides sales and customer-facing teams with an easy-to-use tool for closing email threads from their inbox without the need for a standalone ticketing system.

    5. What makes Timetoreply a unique solution for teams and managers?

    As the only email response time solution that works with any email platform, timetoreply is perfectly positioned to support customer service and sales teams no matter what platform they use.

    Our email response time platform is easy to use, quick to deploy and doesn’t require any lengthy integration or deployment work. Simply plug-and-play to start enjoying rich data-driven insights into your teams’ email performance.

    Timetoreply also offers world-class security including Google Security Certification and ISO27001 compliance. Companies can also ease their compliance efforts with timetoreply’s adherence to global privacy and data protection regulations.

    In addition, timetoreply’s growing list of third-party integrations means you can continue to enjoy the benefits of our platform no matter what tools you use.


    15 day free trial. Instant report. No credit card required.

    We’ve got your back. Safe and secure
    for all major email providers.



    We only track To, From, Subject line and timestamps. We never read your email, we don't have access to it.‍


    Works with o365, Outlook, Gmail, MS Exchange and IMAP


    ISO27001 and Google Security Certified


    No software to install, everything in your browser

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