Powerful performance optimisation

Transform lead response times and follow up replies across the board with targeted reminders and recommendations for every one of your sales reps.

Live reply time stats

Show each individual sales rep their active performance statistics to keep their eyes on the end goals

Real-time alerts

Remind your sales reps of open deals and unreplied leads so you never miss an opportunity

Coaching prompts

Automatically notify your sales reps of quick, simple improvements they can make to send faster, smarter emails

Leading lead response management

Track all lead responses, report on missed or unanswered emails, and improve your sales reps reply times. Then watch your department drive even more sales.

Focused follow-ups

Discover average time between follow-ups and pinpoint the optimum time for your business to reach out again. Get recommendations for the most effective number of touches and nudges to convert your prospects.

Real-time productivity tracking

See exactly how every lead, every deal and every sales rep is performing – across all your teams – whether you’re using individual or shared mailboxes.

Deal tracking

Get full visibility into every deal in your pipeline, tracking interactions at each stage of the sales journey

Sales rep leaderboards

Share key lead metrics and response times of all your sales reps to encourage healthy competition

Team performance

Monitor whole team performance across multiple key KPIs, including average time to reply and time to close

Smart sales cycle reporting

Uncover essential insights into your sales cycle that help you optimize your responses and increase your velocity, then report on your increased total revenue, revenue per deal and revenue per sales rep.

Screened lead emails

Use timetoreply Ignite to identify your key lead sources and filter out emails that aren’t relevant, so your reps only spend their valuable time on those all important leads.

Unrivaled email and workflow integrations

timetoreply Ignite sits directly on top of your existing Gmail, Outlook and Microsoft 365 inboxes and integrates seamlessly into your current tech stack with zero workflow disruption.

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