Hundreds of companies already trust timetoreply’s email analytics and performance optimization software

Focused Google Workspace email reporting

Want to know how fast every team member responds to leads and customer service emails? timetoreply tracks reply times from every Gmail mailbox in your team or organization to help you check SLAs, catch missed emails and improve performance.

Recommendations directly in your team’s Gmail inboxes

You and your team work in Google Workspace. So does timetoreply. Alongside email analytics, it uses real-time recommendations and instant prompts directly in Gmail to help every team member improve their own response rates.

Deeper insight. Bigger improvements.

When you can access more data than Google Workspace, you can do more. timetoreply turns unrivaled Google email analytics into the support, guidance and alerts that your team members can act on immediately for fast, effective results.

timetoreply is the leading Google Workspace email analytics software that supports team members wherever they work

Every device

Every operating system

Every team member

Individual and shared mailbox analytics

Access vital metrics in both individual and shared Google Workspace mailboxes so you can see exactly how fast and how effectively your team deals with inbound sales leads and customer service enquiries.

Scheduled reports and real-time alerts

Customize your dashboard to get the regular reports you want on all key Google Workspace email metrics. Check on SLA goals, warn your team when agreed response times are approaching and alert individuals to missed emails – all in one place.

Perfect for sales and customer service

Whether you’re managing sales teams, overseeing customer service departments, or working on the front line, timetoreply is the only Gmail email analytics and performance boosting tool you need. From competitive leaderboards to individual recommendations, it empowers every team member to transform their reply times.

Quick and simple set up, straight in Google Workspace inboxes

timetoreply links directly to all your Google Workspace/Gmail inboxes in seconds, so you’re set-up in minutes. Plus, with a simple installation from the Google Workspace Market, you’ll unlock huge performance improvements from your team.

An unbeatable array of Gmail email analytics and Google Workspace metrics

Response rates

Emails sent

Time to first reply

Average time to reply

Average time to follow up

Time to resolution / close

SLAs met/missed

Overall team performance

Lead volumes

All the Google Workspace email reports and recommendations, all in one place

Get the Google Workspace email analytics you want and the team performance improvements you need, all with one simple piece of software. Get timetoreply, support every team member and boost your revenue today.