We found it difficult to quantify how quickly the team was responding to clients

As director of the Client Support Team, Heather wanted to ensure that her team members were responding to all of their clients fast, and with the quality and detail of information they required. As email is Clear Skies Title Agency’s primary form of communication, they were looking for a tool to help them gauge email response times and conversation patterns for each one of their support agents.

Heather explains, “Though a client’s perception is important, understanding the facts is key in objectively correcting any communication issues. I wanted to know whether we had any issues with response times, or the quality of the information delivered but had no way to do that. It was a bit of a black hole for us.”

"We were delighted to learn that our response time was on point; however, the information we got from timetoreply has helped us understand which days are busier than others which helps a lot with staffing."
Heather Bryant

Heather Bryant
Director of Marketing & Client Support

Alternatives were data-poor

Heather explained that in their hunt for the perfect tool, they tried other email analytics solutions but found them confusing and poor in their interpretation of the email data.

“The platforms didn’t offer as many ways to consider the data, or they were hard to understand.”

Trialing timetoreply

Heather explained that both she and one of Clear Skies Title Agency’s partners trialed timetoreply after finding it online.

She explained that the ability to view their email analytics in so many different ways (average reply times, first reply times, contact success ratios, as well as message and conversation logs) is what impressed them both.

“What we loved was the level of detail we could drill down into with the reports and filters in the free trial, without having to pay to unlock any extra features or functions.”

Implementing timetoreply with the team

Heather explained that setting up timetoreply with their team was an easy process and only took a couple of hours. For now, they have linked 30 mailboxes, and are primarily focused on tracking the performance of their Settlement and Client Support teams.

As for how the team reacted to their mailboxes being linked? Heather explained that timetoreply was received positively by all.

“We pride ourselves on being a transparent company. As such, our team members welcomed the timetoreply data as it is empowering and allows us all to improve our email performance and therefore client satisfaction.”

How the team uses timetoreply now

Clear Skies Title Agency’s team members are all able to log in daily and access their individual and team results and performance in real-time.

Heather explains that they use the timetoreply advanced filters that can filter out internal email or certain domains to ensure that they’re getting the insights they need into their external-facing response times.

This has saved them all the headache of manual data extraction and manipulation.

“While there are platforms available that will extract email data to a spreadsheet, manually manipulating the data is cumbersome and time-consuming,” explained Heather. “timetoreply’s easy plug-and-play solution has saved us a lot of time.”

The Results

Heather was thrilled to see that her team is performing above their standard and replying to all customer-facing emails timeously.

“We were delighted to learn that our response time was on point; however, this information has helped us understand which days were busier than others which helped with staffing.”

The intelligent data timetoreply gave Heather and the team has not only allowed them to recalibrate staffing but has also helped them better understand their client’s communication patterns and therefore needs.

“Understanding where you are is the only way to understand what direction you need to go in,” said Heather. “the data timetoreply gives has enabled us to more effectively allocate resources, train our team members on recurring queries, and form growth strategies with the real data to back up our business decisions.”

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