It's all about customer centricity at Deel

Handling customer success with a customer-centered approach more often than not means not through a ticketing system or social media. Most of the time, it’s a straightforward email.

A report by eConsultancy found that 60% of customers prefer support via email. With email, customers have the peace of mind that there’s a written record of all interactions with your customer service team.

If they need to, customers can go back to previous email conversations and ensure they and your customer service team are aligned in terms of what support they need and how their issue will be resolved.

As Deel’s COO, Dan Westgarth says, being able to respond to customer queries fast and 24/7 is massively important to us. Deel is a fast-growing company with customers and teams spread across the globe. And that’s where the relationship with timetoreply comes in.

“We chose to work with timetoreply as their software enables our customer success team to respond fast and around the clock, straight out of their inboxes. No changes to workflow, no ticketing system, no additional channels for our customers to use. Everyone is comfortable with email, and through using timetoreply we’ve been able to cut our reply time metrics in half.” (Dan Westgarth, COO)

Simplicity & convenience is important to customers

Customers don’t want to learn a new channel or create an account just to log a query. They want to get help, fast, on a channel they know and trust. And customer service teams don’t want weeks-long training for a new ticketing platform with millions of features and dizzying dashboards. 

That’s why timetoreply is such a good fit for Deel. As timetoreply CEO Howard Moodycliffe puts it: “Our ethos at timetoreply has always been to build simple solutions which enable teams to focus on what matters – responsiveness and efficiency – without needing to train up on complex software or change the way they work.”

This ethos is now delivering value to Deel’s customer success efforts.

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