Automating processes boosts customer service

The company had previously relied heavily on manual processes to keep track of customer requests and the resolution of queries. “Our account managers would take notes for incoming calls and the actions that needed to be taken. A manager would then have to sign off and ensure the customer receives the help they need.”

Understandably, for a growing business, this reliance on manual processes had the potential for some inefficiencies to creep in. To support the teams and elevate the level of service that customers receive, Muve chose to implement timetoreply Success.

“timetoreply has been a game-changer for us,” says Nanayakkara. “All our manual processes have been automated, including data capture, SLA tracking, and reporting. By freeing up our internal resources, we have boosted efficiency and reduced our reply times, ensuring that no customer experiences any unnecessary delays.”

Customer experience key to success

Because of the often stressful nature of property-related transactions, Muve works hard to eliminate friction from the process and provide customers with a pleasant and stress-free experience. 

“Our commitment to our clients that we push ourselves to our limit to offer the best customer experience during their property exchange. Changing house is hard and can be very stressful and admin-heavy. We are trying to make the legal aspect of it as convenient and fast as possible to make customers feel that it’s a positive experience and not just a stressful one.”

To achieve this, the customer service team needs to keep on top of all inbound requests and have quick access to vital information about the status of each customer.

"timetoreply’s Optimiser has massively improved our customer service and empowers our team members to respond to our customers as efficiently and effectively as possible by showing them their live email stats, and highlighting which emails they need to address next."
Suren Nanayakkara

Suren Nanayakkara
ICT Director

“In the past, some customers would send email requests to multiple account managers, which could cause confusion. With timetoreply, we can make sure only one person responds, but that everyone has a real-time view over the status of that request so we can collectively ensure customer queries are resolved quickly.”

Nanayakkara points to the significant back-office work involved in conveyancing. “The nature of our work means there is a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work to complete customer transactions. It’s vital that customers feel they are supported throughout this period as the process unfolds.”

Considering the number of email analytics and productivity tools available, Nanayakkara says some key features stood out when they chose timetoreply. “We wanted the ability to add mailboxes quickly and easily, and to implement the solution without interrupting our normal workflows. timetoreply has helped us improve our reply times, elevate our customer service, maintain a positive customer experience and ensure every team member works efficiently.”

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