Email a blind spot for management

Print NW’s management team places a strong emphasis on team culture, providing a supportive environment for all team members where help is always at hand.

However, the company’s leadership team did not have granular insight into the customer service team’s activities. “This made it hard to see which team members were overwhelmed with email requests and needed additional support,” says Apgar.We wanted to see which CSRs are getting overwhelmed with email requests so we could redistribute tasks and avoid any burnout from overburdened team members, and gain access to other email-related metrics to improve our customer-facing operations.”

"Whether customers are looking for standard marketing materials or seeking a partner to create custom items, Print NW’s teams strive to bring customers' ideas to life. timetoreply allows us to manage customer communications via email more effectively, leading to better experiences for our customers."
Katrina Apgar

Katrina Apgar
Director of Customer Operations

Search for email analytics tool leads to timetoreply

Apgar set out to investigate email analytics tools that could work for the business. After evaluating six or seven potential solutions, she settled on timetoreply for its quick deployment, ease of use and powerful reporting capabilities. 

“The onboarding process with timetoreply was quick and seamless,” says Apgar. “After the timetoreply team took us through a demo of what the tool could do, we connected them with our IT team to understand how to deploy to our customer team’s inboxes. After a 15-minute conversation, we were able to go live with timetoreply.”

Analytics, reporting boosts team service levels

The analytics provided by timetoreply has been eye-opening for Print NW’s customer service team. “Seeing how many emails each CSR receives per day, how long it takes to respond to and resolve customer requests, and keeping track of unanswered emails in a structured way has been a game-changer for our business,” says Apgar. 

The timetoreply dashboard has also created a bit of friendly rivalry within the customer team as CSRs vie for the quickest response times. “Our CSRs are now competing to raise the bar for our customers, helping us deliver on our promise of an outstanding customer experience.”

The Results

While it is still early days, Apgar has already seen the benefits of timetoreply come to life within the customer team. 

“We did our first round of customer feedback surveys recently, and the results were hugely encouraging. Customers rated our business as among the best in the industry, with most scoring us 9 or 10 out of 10 in communications. As we continue to improve our email reply times we expect further improvements in our customer scores in our next survey.”


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