We needed a way to gauge employees’ output and productivity while they were working from home.

“We were concerned that important client and candidate emails could’ve been missed, or a team member could have really been struggling with working from home and we wouldn’t have really known,” explained David.

“Our goal of growing our business, expanding into new territories, and providing the world-class service we promise hasn’t changed, but that meant we needed to find a new solution to make sure that we were staying on the ball.”

Alternatives didn’t match up

David explained that while the team trialed EmailAnalytics and EmailMeter, the fact that timetoreply works with all email clients, and at a very competitive price was the clincher.

“We loved the trial and saw how well it worked for our sales team. The rest is history.”

"Everyone has improved their reply times by at least 300-400%, giving our customers a 3-4 times faster and therefore better experience. As a business owner, that’s huge!"
David Sarembock

David Sarembock
Founder and Managing Director, Swift Momentum

Trialing and implementing timetoreply

After finding timetoreply, David linked all of his employees’ mailboxes as part of the trial. “It was really easy to set up, and worked right away,” he said.

“Within minutes, I was able to see my team’s performance, compare employees, and keep an eye on first and last activity times, which ultimately means I’m more empowered to service my own clients.”

“The combination of the great price point, awesome UX, and the customer success attention that timetoreply provides all helped to seal the deal,” he concluded.

Team introduction and usage

The whole Swift Momentum team uses timetoreply.

And their reactions to having their mailboxes linked? “They love it!” says David. “The insights and data are great for all of us.”

How Swift Momentum uses timetoreply now

David explains that with the whole team on board, they use the reports as part of their weekly remote meetings.

“We use it for weekly overviews and it provides great insights to the whole team. The response time goal-setting feature and measurement against that is probably our collective favorite thing about timetoreply, but I also enjoy managing outliers and closing off conversations that don’t need to be replied to.”

The Results

Swift Momentum has seen a staggering improvement in their reply times, which have improved by 300-400%!

“More than that”, adds David, “I know what, how much, and how long anything email orientated takes. As a leader that’s priceless information that any company that uses email needs to have.”

Time to see the insight, improvements and results for yourself?

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