We needed a way to measure email response times and drive improvement

Kyra explains, “Our focus is on providing world-class service to our business partners and their customers. This was actually the reason we explored timetoreply. We wanted to measure our response and drive improvement.”

“When our partners ask questions, time is of the essence. While we had been trying to track and measure our speed to respond, it was an exceptionally manual process. We needed better data, more automation, and a partner that could help us refine our processes.”

On looking at alternatives

“I didn’t find ANYONE that did anywhere near what timetoreply does. timetoreply is clean, simple, and purposefully direct in what it does,” said Kyra. She went on to say that while bespoke solutions are out there, Telarus would have spent too much time and money doing what timetoreply does with ease. “Bluntly, I think we would have kept spinning circles,” she added.

"We have seen response times in particular groups go from 7 hours to 2 hours with the timetoreply data. This is getting information to our partners quicker and streamlining the way we work."
Kyra Augustus

Kyra Augustus
Director of Partner Support - Central, Telarus

Trialing and implementing timetoreply

After finding timetoreply, Kyra and the Telarus team began their free trial in order to get a good idea as to how they would use it best. “Our COO, SVP of Operations, and Director of Operations were all involved in the decision-making process. Timetoreply was an instant hit!”

What stood out for Kyra, was the personalized attention the team received. “We needed a partner who could work with us. The reports were already great, but we needed a solution that could be further customized. We had many calls discussing the specific needs of our company and how we wanted to utilize timetoreply. The team added additional filters, reports, and other specific tools important to our company which was hugely helpful.”

Team introduction and usage

Telarus’ entire specialty operations and support operations teams are using timetoreply. “We will be adding our supplier management and commissions teams soon too,” added Kyra.

As for introducing timetoreply to the team, Kyra admits that some felt hesitant about their mailboxes being linked. “The reaction was initially apprehensive,” she added. “But after we broke down the wall and walked through the resources and information we would be able to use with the reports, everyone was excited and very competitive to be the fastest to reply.”

How Telarus uses timetoreply now

Telarus has rolled our timetoreply across their entire specialty operations and support operations teams, with plans to add their supplier management and commissions teams soon.

In terms of how they use the reports, Kyra explains,

“We get weekly reports of the fastest and slowest response times which has put out some competitiveness across teams. Additionally, we are constantly checking our response times to our elite partners. One resource we did not realize would be so helpful is the conversation logs. We can see the back and forth between our valued partners and our internal teams, this gives us a good foundation to better our teams and prove our value to our partners.”

Favorite features

as for their favorite features, Kyra explains, “We rely heavily on the Overview Report to see at a bird’s eye where our teams are at and the great things they are accomplishing. Additionally, the Comparative Report is a lifesaver for spotting employees who may be overwhelmed in their current workload and might need help.”

“The filters we utilize are Outliers, awaiting replies over x amount of hours, and removing emails in our internal domain from our overview.”

The Results

The numbers speak for themselves, and in some groups, Telarus has seen response times go from 7 hours to 2 hours with the timetoreply data. This means getting information to their partners quicker and streamlining the way they work.

“More than that”, adds Kyra, “we’re able to have meaningful conversations with our employees with the data to back it up. There are no more “feelings” of being overwhelmed. We can pinpoint the moment someone hits a tipping point with the number of emails coming in and the response times. We can see who needs additional help and who has the bandwidth to help.”

“The data we get from timetoreply has also given us a competitive advantage is that we can talk to partners who are interested in Telarus and show them the data that proves we have the fastest response times and will get them what they need quicker than our competitors.”

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