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Plus Packaging elevates sales and customer service with timetoreply Optimiser


“The packaging industry is highly competitive with an abundance of suppliers, so we have to distinguish ourselves by offering a superior customer experience and delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction. We chose to use timetoreply Optimiser to drive improved customer service and quicker response times within our business.” – Plus Packaging


Company Name: Plus Packaging
Industry: Packaging
Mailboxes tracked: multiple mailboxes tracked with the use of the timetoreply Optimiser add-on

We believe that it is the efficient, painstaking, courteous, meticulous, personalised service we give that beats the opposition every time. This family company has been in the packaging industry for over thirty years – we are in the third generation now. Our solutions for high volume, bespoke transit packaging are based on recognition of customers’ needs. It should be simple – you get the packaging that you need, in the amount you need – when, and only when, you need it.

Why is responsiveness important to Plus Packaging


Plus Packaging is a family-run packaging supplier. The company has been operating for more than 30 years, supplying packaging and warehouse solutions to several industries, ranging from food and pharmaceutical to e-commerce and automotive. Plus Packaging offers a one-stop shop where customers can purchase everything from pallet wrap and mailing bags to labels and office stationery.

Delivering a speedy and outstanding service is essential to the success of any modern business. When customers are left waiting for a response, there is a very real danger that they will abandon the business and seek help from a competitor.

For Natasha Jansen, Customer Service Manager at Plus Packaging in Liverpool, England, speedy responses and exceptional customer experiences are fundamental to her role and contribute to Plus Packaging’s success.

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“timetoreply Optimiser has massively improved our customer service and allows us to understand how we respond to customers in a much better way.


Natasha Jansen

Customer Service Manager, Plus Packaging

Great customer service drives success


Natasha and her team started using timetoreply in March 2021, at first to improve customer service but later to also support the sales team as well as internally. “We wanted to track the response times from our supply chain team as they are responsible for queries around stock, which can be vital to the overall speed of our customer service team.”

“Our job as a packaging supplier is to make purchasing packaging the easiest part of our customers’ working day,” says Natasha. “We want them to feel that we’ve made their lives easier at every interaction.” With the optimizer, we’ve been able to eqip our customer-facing teams to respond quickly, deliver quickly, and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.”



Studies have found that 50% of sales go to the first company that responds to a sales query. Companies that can reply to an inbound sales query within an hour are sixty times more likely to qualify that lead than companies that take a day or longer to respond.

The Results


Since using the timetoreply Optimiser, Plus Packaging has seen a significant improvement in response times and get more time back to focus on other tasks.

“Speed is one of our core values and we take it very seriously,” says Natasha. “Along with our same-day delivery promise, we pride ourselves on replying to customers quickly – in fact, it’s one of our unique selling points as a business.”

She adds that the graphs and tables produced by the timetoreply Optimiser have been hugely helpful. “The system does all the work for us and saves us a lot of time we would have spent on digging into the details – time we can instead spend on helping our customers. It’s also really helpful to have the conversation logs so we can see a breakdown of all email, with easy-to-use filters allowing us to quickly find specific information.”


How Plus Packaging has gained a competitive edge


“During November our average response time to customers was 33 minutes. Recently, a customer placed an order at 9:27am. We sent an order confirmation within five minutes, and by 12:50pm that day their items were delivered. This is the type of responsiveness and excellent customer service that we strive for and that gives us a healthy competitive edge over other suppliers.”


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