Email analytics
and alerts for
sales teams.

timetoreply connects to your sales teams’ existing mailboxes giving you data-driven email analytics and reply time metrics that will help your sales teams’ qualify and convert more of your inbound sales leads.

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Instant Insights

Link your sales teams’ mailboxes in seconds and get instant data on their individual and shared reply time performance, contact success rates, email volumes and more.

Boost Lead Response Performance

Response times are a major factor in the early stages of a deal. See how your sales teams’ reply times impact their contact success rates in a customizable dashboard you can use with your outbound email campaign efforts.


Increase Sales

Make sure your sales team’s prospecting and response times goals are met and monitor them over time to stay on track. Set up real-time alerts and never miss a priority lead email again.

71% of sales leads are wasted due to slow response times.


We fix that for sales teams.


  • Increase Sales 7x*
  • Qualify more leads
  • Never miss a hot lead

Best for sales teams eager to improve lead qualification rates, conversion rates and boost ROI.

timetoreply Sales Features


View your team's timetoreply Ratios™

Optimize your contact rates with the real-time timetoreply Ratio™one metric that gives you your agent’s average reply times and contact rates.


Real-time alerts

Setup real-time alerts so that you know if an important email hasn’t received a reply after X amount of time.

download email data

Mark emails as "Closed"

Use our native add-ins for o365, or Gmail to mark emails that have been dealt with as “closed”. View your average time-to-close metric and work at improving this over time.


Measure email reply times

Know exactly how long each mailbox takes to reply to internal or external emails with our email response time software.


Agent leaderboards

Create healthy competition by sharing the comparative leaderboard reports with your team. Set goals and reward the best performing sales agents. Watch your average reply times to customers improve and your qualified leads increase.


Detailed sales ratio reports

Detailed analytics and reporting to help sales managers support and drive their teams’ email responsiveness to inbound leads and customer emails. Schedule these reports to be sent to you daily, weekly or monthly.

measure group email

Monitor individual or group mailboxes

Measure all new incoming emails for an individual email account or a group email address where the inquiries are sent to your sales team.


Track sales agent and team trends

View what % of emails have been responded to in under 30min, 60min, 4 hours, etc. Set your own reply time bands and improve your sales team’s responsiveness to emails. Track performance over a 12 month period.


API and CRM integrations

Integrate timetoreply with your favourite CRM or business intelligence reporting tool. Sync data and analyze the impact of improving your timetoreply metrics.

We’ve got your back. Safe and secure for all major email providers.

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  • blank We only track To, From, Subject line and timestamps. We never read your email, we don’t have access to it. ‍
  • blank Works with o365, Outlook, Gmail, MS Exchange and IMAP
  • blank ISO27001 and Google Security Certified
  • blank No software to install, everything in your browser







“In terms of responsiveness, it’s gone up from 62% to 86% as a company.”

Lonnie Jackson

Vice President of Customer Management






“We have seen response times in particular groups go from 7 hours to 2 hours with the timetoreply data. This is getting information to our partners quicker and streamlining the way we work.”

Kyra Augustus

Director of Partner Support – Central



Swift Momentum

“Everyone has improved their reply times by at least 300-400%, giving our customers a 3-4 times faster and therefore better experience. As a business owner, that’s huge!”

David Sarembock

Founder and Managing Director

Capterra Reviews


“timetoreply is the best for the job. It is very easy to set up and import as many Agents(users) as you want and see the data populate in a matter of minutes.”


“We’ve been able to address staffing, general productivity, contingency planning, communication spikes and increases, and more. timetoreply has been incredibly valuable to our organization.”


“Being in the service industry, we are required to meet certain SLAs for our clients. timetoreply has helped us to ensure that we are providing the best possible service and meeting our SLAs.”


“It offers the privacy that individual user need/appreciate while still giving insight into communication performance for both internal and external clients.”


15 day free trial. Instant report. No credit card required.

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