Jam-packed with features

Email response time software features below:

Measure Reply Times

Know exactly how long your sales agents take to respond to inquiries with our sophisticated email response time software.

Measure Individual Mailboxes

Measure ALL new incoming emails for an individual email account (e.g. alex@yourcompany.com).

Measure Group Mailboxes

Measure a group email address where the inquiries are sent to your sales agents such as sales@yourcompany.com.

Measure Web Forms

Use our filters to monitor response time to   inquiries via your webforms.


View analytics such as reply time, time to open, customer opens, customer replies, sales agent leaderboards.

Display Your Reply Time

Once you are proud of your average reply time, display it on your website and more people will contact you.

Custom Widgets

Customize your report page by choosing which widgets you want to display.


Powerful Report Filtering

Know exactly how long you take to respond to customer A vs customer B using our powerful report filtering.


SLA Measurement

Need to measure a reply time for SLA purposes? Our software measures all incoming and outgoing mails for reply times.

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