The moment your business receives an email or online enquiry, the response needs to be swift.

A quick email response to this first contact is a golden opportunity to impress potential customers with fantastic customer service, and to convert enquiries into sales, while the customer is still in a buying frame of mind.

Have a look at research from Harvard Business Review has to say about slow email response times if you’re in any doubt about how important it is to move on leads while they’re still hot.

Forbes poses the question:  “What would your CEO say if you proved 71% of the leads your company generates on the Internet are wasted? Who would be fired?…”

Everywhere you search on the web, you’ll find articles and research about email response times.  It’s guaranteed that doing this won’t be a waste of time. Here’s a whole page of places to start your research!

  • How to make sure that emails are responded to quickly by your staff:

The only way to find out exactly what’s happening with every email that comes into your business is to use innovative software to track the progress of emails, from the moment they arrive until they’re answered.

  • Install software that tracks the movement of emails, in and out:

Timetoreply is a software tool that was born out of in-depth research by a team of tech wizards who already knew about the negative knock-on effect slow response times have on any business.

What they’ve done is to give you an online dashboard that shows you the movement of every email enquiry sent to your sales staff, and what the response times are.

  • Your data is 100% secure with timetoreply:

This awesome software is absolutely secure.  No one at timetoreply reads your emails. All this team does is to establish a secure connection with your email servers, which enables them to monitor incoming and outgoing emails.

This innovative software works with algorithms in order to display email response times on an easily accessible online dashboard. The algorithms are where the magic happens, which is why it’s unnecessary for anyone else to read the body of your emails.  It’s all in the header!

  • Monitor individual or group mailboxes:

Your company more than likely has a group mailbox, like info@ or sales@, which is where many leads are ‘missed’, and then individual mailboxes in your sales department.

Having analytics that paints a clear picture of how every individual is performing in terms of email response times, immediately shows you where service needs to be jacked-up.

Leaderboards also work perfectly with timetoreply, encouraging everyone on a sales team to outperform everyone else to the top of the board. Make the incentives fun, and watch as your bottom line grows stronger!

  • Measure and improve contact rates:

Based on statistics and analytics on your timetoreply dashboard, you can look at areas that may need adjustment to improve contact rates with customers, as well as to increase sales.

With everything to do with emails at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, the road to success can be paved with customers who rave about your first-class service.

  • Start with a 14-day trial and you’ll be hooked:

If, after a little more exploration on the timetoreply website, you still aren’t sure, try it out for 7 days, free.  Like thousands of other businesses, big and small, you’ll be registering your account in no time!

  • It’s child’s-play to sign up for Timetoreply:

You don’t need a credit card to start the free trial.  Timetoreply is so confident about this software, that you’ll have time to try it out and get a feel for it first.

Once you’re ready to start your monthly subscription, which can be stopped whenever you like, you can start getting really serious about email reply times in your business.

  • Super-support:

The team at timetoreply won’t waste your time.  When you need assistance, just ask and it’ll be there in a flash.  This team puts their money where their mouth is where it comes to quick responses!

  • Make online marketing pay for itself:

You spend a great deal of money for online marketing, in an effort to generate more leads. If these leads come in and aren’t responded to quickly enough, that initial investment is completely negated.

Make this essential tool part of your drive to convert enquiries into sales by contacting timetoreply to get started today!

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