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Satguru integrates timetoreply to streamline operations

“The main thing I was looking for was something that would tell me my agents’ initial and total email turnaround times. Marketing teams can use tools like Salesforce, but in Ops, we needed a very focused tool like timetoreply for these crucial stats.” Kulwinder Pal Singh, Head of Central Operations Center

At Satguru Travel, the integration of timetoreply has empowered their operations team to track the response and turnaround time of their agents to keep their customers coming back.


Company Name: Satguru Travel
Industry: Travel
Mailboxes tracked: 200+

Understanding the significance of journeys, we have made our presence over more than 68+ countries worldwide. We are proud to provide our clients with end-to-end services that allow them to have stress-free travel across the globe. Some of our services include organized planning, hotels and accommodation, corporate travel, car rentals, visa and insurance.

Problem: a bulky ticketing system

Similar to many travel companies Satguru Travel worked with a ticketing system that had a heavy interface and was time-consuming which impacted their agents’ user experience. Additionally, the agents had to dig into it individually to get reports so uptake was very low.

“The best thing about timetoreply is that it can be used without manual intervention. It simply runs in the background. I didn’t want my agents wasting time with desking software that I found to be the opposite of user-friendly, ” says Kulwinder

“Additionally integrating the ticketing system or CRM meant linking each agent’s individual mailboxes one at a time, which only contributed further to an already time-consuming component of operations. Not to mention the reports couldn’t provide data specific to internal communication, specific domains, or average response times”


ontellus team

The solution: timetoreply easy integration

With timetoreply’s email analytics solution for customer teams, agents are free to use their Gmail and Outlook emails as per usual and team leaders and managers can easily get all the reports in the backend without having to migrate anyone to a new way of working.

The user-friendly dashboard allows agents and administrators to get granular, as they extract data relevant to specific metrics. Beyond average response time, users can segregate internal emails and internal domains, and the specific customer with their own domain. Even for a specific conversation with the help of a conversation view, they can see how much time the team took and how much the client took to revert for a specific email.

Satguru Travel is currently tracking over 200 mailboxes with timetoreply.


“It has given us an edge in a competitive market.”

Kulwinder Pal Singh

Head of Central Operations Centre

Results: Efficiency improvements

Two senior managers have been tasked with coaching agents who need to improve their response times. The branch managers also have visibility on weekly reports, enabling them to course-correct any lagging response times. They can also dive into and filter these reports in the timetoreply dashboard.

timetoreply’s metrics have been built into Satguru’s agents’ KPIs, driving previously unseen levels of proactivity.

“We’ve had a lot of great feedback both from our customers and from the marketing team who have noticed a great improvement and positive sentiment from customers who are impressed with our consistent and surprisingly fast response times. It has given us an edge in a competitive market,” affirms Kulwinder.

Impact: ‘timetoreply’ goals

The team at Satguru Travel has set 4 reply time goals, 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours. “We say ‘this percentage of emails have to be replied to within these time frames.’ So 60% of emails must be replied to within 30 minutes, and all emails need to be replied to within 4 hours,” continues Kulwinder.

Satguru also makes use of the business hours feature which is beneficial for teams that work across different time zones. This feature allows the senior managers to convert reporting times into one cohesive view of the data that can be easily analyzed. The Holiday and Leave Management feature is another team favorite because agents are free from the anxiety of their reports being affected while they are on leave.

“With the Trend report, we can see the workload pattern of the last 13 weeks and up to 12 months. This helps us to manage and forecast the manpower requirements of the Operations Center of the business,” adds Kulwinder.


Satguru Travel, the pandemic, and timetoreply

 “timetoreply’s solution provided a platform for the Satguru Operations team to monitor internal communication and stay in touch with clients even when people weren’t actively traveling; customers needed to postpone bookings, enquire about travel restrictions, etc. timetoreply helped to ensure none of these emails slipped through the cracks”.



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