"As a leading industrial technology company, it made sense that we selected the right technology to support our teams in optimizing their email activity. The insights derived from timetoreply's reports empower our teams to deliver the best possible service via email."

Brian Burchard
Director Inside Sales Support

"Using timetoreply’s Optimiser across my team has been going really well. We’ve seen some massive gains with new starters. One employee has improved from 30 minutes plus in June to sub 10 minutes in July"

Nick S.
Head of Internal Sales

"We’ve managed to improve our sales agents’ closing rates by focusing on responding quickly and consistently to every single lead. In an industry as competitive as ours ,and being online, we don’t have a choice. We either respond quickly or we’ll lose the deal to a competitor. timetoreply’s email reply time data now forms part of our sales agents’ performance metrics."

Bert Prevoo
Managing Director