The days of handling business dealings in person or over the phone are gone; email has become the preferred method of communicating in the fast paced business environments of our highly technological age, where the majority of consumers do their research and shopping around on the internet.

Maintaining a high standard in email communication and response times is a sign of professionalism, which always instils confidence in the customer.  The direct opposite of this is that badly structured and slow email responses make customers feel underappreciated and undervalued, which is a sure way of losing business!

Responding quickly with well structured emails to any customer plays an essential role in the communications strategy for any business, large or small.  After much research and many years worth of experience in the online industry, timetoreply is a tool that has been developed by industry experts to give businesses the extra edge needed in a highly competitive business environment.

If too many email enquiries into your products or service fail to become viable contacts and sales, then it is time to look into how long your team is taking to respond to these enquiries; inevitably you will find that slow response times are a major contributing factor to these failures to convert leads into sales.

Timetoreply works with your existing email to give you in-depth analytics about how well your sales teams, or individual members of the teams are handling email enquiries coming in. The timetoreply dashboard gives you all the information you need about how long your team takes to reply to emails and how well they perform with each email.

With these metrics at your fingertips you will be able to adapt your approach to increase contact rates, boost sales and increase levels of customer satisfaction, which will inevitably lead to recommendations that take your contact rates to an even higher level.

By tracking and improving the email response times of your sales team using timetoreply, you will be able to contact and qualify more leads than ever before! The absolute bonus is that timetoreply helps you do all of this simply and effectively, all it takes is your decision to sign up for a monthly subscription fee, which can be cancelled immediately should you choose to do so!

Timetoreply support is phenomenal and they have a fantastic website that answers all the frequently asked questions you may have, as well as a free 21 day trial offering and video tutorials that will help get you started!  With absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain why not take the lead from your competitors by visiting today!

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