Think of how Michelle compliments Barack (I mean the Obamas). Now, something to tingle your taste buds a little bit. Think of the best chicken and chips you’ve ever had. Did you miss that? It’s chicken… and chips. 

Having chips without chicken to complement it, in my opinion, is plain boring! But my focus isn’t the Obamas or chicken and chips. My focus is on how you can leverage the marriage between email automation and email segmentation for your marketing campaigns. 

According to the DMA National Client Report, 77% of email marketing ROI (return on investment) comes from segmented, triggered, and targeted email campaigns. Segmentation makes personalization possible and with automation, you can target the appropriate segment of subscribers at the right time.

First, let’s look at the unique qualities of automation and segmentation; and then we can explore how they complement. Furthermore, we will see the benefits of combining both and how you can seamlessly do so.

  • Email Automation 
  • Email Segmentation 
  • Email Marketing Engagement
  • Integration: How Automation and Segmentation work 
  • Why You Should Start Leveraging Email Automation and Segmentation Now 

Email Automation 

A successful email marketing automation strategy can help you improve the overall engagement along the customer journey, improve marketing efficiency and increase your ROI (return on investment).

Email marketing automation is basically a simple way for you to create timely, relevant, and personalized emails to be sent to individual contacts as they take specific actions on your platform. For instance, when people can’t remember their login details and decide to click the password reset button. That action will trigger the system to assist the customer to recover their login details, usually via email.

Email campaigns are, therefore, automatically based on triggers you predefined. 

You can invest your time into other productive engagements since you no longer have to type and send out several emails every day manually. You can have different sets of messages and schedule who should receive them and when. 

Every business that wants to stay relevant needs an email automation strategy and a perfect one too.


Email Segmentation 

Segmentation is the process of dividing a target market in such a way that potential customers are grouped based on set criteria. This way, targeted and personalized content can be tailored towards their needs.

With email segmentation, you can improve email open and click-through rates, increase revenue and deliverability, as well as reduce unsubscribe rate and spam complaints. 

Commonly, segmentation is used to deliver more personalized email marketing to subscribers based on their interests, and other metrics, such as purchase history, location, etc.


Email Marketing Engagement

Email marketing engagement is essentially a measure of how subscribers interact with the emails they receive from you. Their open and clickthrough rates are compared with how long they’ve been on your mailing list. Your engagement gives you an overview of how well, or otherwise, your campaign is going. 

Email automation and segmentation combined will deliver the best engagement for your campaigns. Already, email marketing is one of the most effective strategies when you want to drive direct engagement with your customers because it opens a direct line of communication between brands and users.


Integration: How Automation and Segmentation work 

Email marketing can give an ROI as high as 44x, so using the best strategy available for optimal results is, therefore, too important to overlook.

Remember the chicken and chips analogy? You definitely do! Maropost stands out as an email automation platform because it’s a cloud-based multichannel marketing automation platform. Maropost‘s automated features make it possible for marketers to focus on other strategic needs. While timetoreply helps sales teams to respond in real-time and reduce the rate at which leads are dropping off. timetoreply’s products are rapid to deploy and require no change to workflow.

These two platforms therefore will complement each other in driving successful email campaigns. You can now see timetoreply’s email data analytics on Maropost; therefore, seamlessly analyzing metrics such as email volume, reply time, and the overall campaign performance. Read more about the product integration between Maropost and timetoreply here.


Why You Should Start Leveraging Email Automation and Segmentation Now 

– Send Relevant Content

Content that is irrelevant, unhelpful, and not tailored to a subscriber is pretty annoying. Two things are most likely going to happen when subscribers get this type of email: they will either use the unsubscribe button or flush it down the spam drain (you might be more familiar with “spam folder”). You do not want your emails ending up in the spam folder, and you do not want to keep losing potential customers. Your content, therefore, must be tailored and useful to the recipient. 


– Branding

Branding largely deals with the very core of how a company, product, or person is perceived. You do not want to be perceived as unprofessional and inconsistent. All the heavy lifting of staying hyper-relevant, consistent and professional can be done via automation and segmentation. If it is automated in the first place, then consistency can easily be achieved. And staying consistent is staying professional – your tone of voice and mode of communication must remain consistent. 


– Nurture Leads

One of the powerful features of timetoreply’s product is that it helps sales teams to nurture leads quickly and relevantly. Nurturing leads at the right time can make a lot of difference in your campaign. Marketers agree that leads are more receptive when well nurtured. That is, they are followed up with helpful resources and relevant content.


– Save Time, Reduce Error

Avoid all the everyday mistakes associated with sending emails manually. An integrated system also takes care of sending non-targeted emails to your mailing list. With email workflows, you can spend more time nurturing your leads while the system works independently. 


– Data, data, data

Data helps you make the right decisions for ongoing and future campaigns.

Maropost already provides robust reporting for email campaigns, but this is taken steps further with the readily available email marketing analytics pushed to our platform from timetoreply.

In conclusion, a combination of two data-driven platforms gives your email marketing campaigns all the wings required to soar. If you’re not on board already, what are you waiting for?


Author Bio

Jacopo is Head of Marketing at Maropost, where he oversees the global demand and pipeline generation strategy to support the company’s continuous growth and success. He has more than 10 years of experience in the B2B SaaS Marketing sector with a focus on strategic growth and scalable demand generation.

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