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As your business grows, so the demands on improving the efficiency of your operations become greater. More employees mean an extended network, and more outlay means you need more custom. How do you go about ensuring you convert leads into business on a more effective basis? We can help you in one specific area, and it is one that you may have overlooked. Ask yourself this question: are you aware how long it takes, on average, your agents to respond to online enquiries or emails? If not, you need to be, and we will explain why.

We are timetoreply, and we offer you a simple, effective tool that allows you to measure response times by individuals or teams, to produce reports and analyse where improvements can be made, and to offer incentives to your agents to perform better. We have a proven track record, and we believe that you will want to join our long list of satisfied clients. We have helped many different types of business improve their response times thanks to the timetoreply solution, and as it runs via your existing email system, there is no cumbersome software to install.

In fact, we invite you to try timetoreply for free for up to three agents, and that’s free for life! You don’t even need to register a credit card; just sign up and get going! Any agents above three will be charged at our monthly rate, which you will find to be very competitive indeed. You may not know this, but your chances of converting a lead drop dramatically if you don’t reply within one hour, and are non-existent if you leave it a day. You need timetoreply, and we are more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have about our innovative solution.

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