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Remote working is in vogue these days, and it will not be incorrect to say that it is instead the way forward for businesses to function. It is astonishing to note that, as per Gallup, the percentage of remote workers in the US has gone up to 62 percent. The proportion has increased from 31 percent in a matter of only a few weeks.

You need to pay much greater heed to your organization’s internal communication.

Are you looking for answers on how to improve team communication in a remote setup or otherwise?

Well, this blog is going to act as your perfect guide to enhancing your organization’s internal communication.

Despite the many communication channels available to us, some businesses lack actionable strategies. As cited in Workforce’s article, 60% of companies do not even have sustainable internal communication strategies.

Neglecting to address internal communication strategies can have a negative impact on your team. It can lead to over-communication and feelings of being overwhelmed or under-communication in which you miss each other. In either scenario, it’s productivity and profit that will take the hit.

timetoreply is a one-stop solution for upscaling your team’s communication performance. And best of all? Your team won’t have to learn to onboard another tool or even change the way that they work to use timetoreply. If you communicate via email and want insight into your team’s communication habits, timetoreply is the tool for you.

Let us delve deeper into the various salient features and merits of relying on this ultra-efficient email analytics tool.


1. You can measure email response times and volumes

Emails are an essential part of the internal as well as external communication of an organization. Given that, optimizing the email response times and management is crucial for improving team communication. If you can measure each email’s response time, you can optimize it in a profitable way!

timetoreply gives you the opportunity to track the response time of each email. This will enable you to determine the time spans between email exchanges and reduce the time gap. You can share peer-to-peer feedback with your team based on these insights to help them improve their response times.


internal communication

email volumes

timetoreply reports on reply times and volumes


2. You can supervise individual and group mailboxes…and individual contributions to group mailboxes

With timetoreply, you can monitor the mailboxes of your group or shared inboxes as well as individual team members. So you could measure each individual agent’s reply time performance, email volumes, number of closed queries, and the average time to close a query.

However, you can also see how each one of these agents performs in the context of a group mailbox. This allows you to see who’s doing the lion’s share of the work.

All in all, timetoreply adds immense efficiency to your firm’s internal and external communication.


3. You get access to automated communication performance reports

It can be a pain to logo into a toll to get the data you need, especially when you need quick insights each day. However, with timetoreply, you get quick access to detailed email performance reports. The best part is, you can customize the settings to decide how frequently you want to receive these reports. You can choose between receiving detailed analytics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Furthermore, with this feature, you can help your managers manage their respective teams’ email responsiveness. This will subsequently help your team members to master effective email management.

Do you know that as per SaneBox, more than 60 percent of emails received by employees are not significant? That means that not more than four in every ten emails received by a worker are worth responding to. This is where your new recruits will need your guidance and input on effective email management. For that, the easy availability of performance reports will be a great headstart to separate the useful from the not-so-useful emails.


4. You can set real-time alerts

How about a trait that sends you notifications if an email has not been responded to in the stipulated time?  set automated alerts to keep you updated if emails are not receiving responses. These real-time alerts will offer real-time tracking of the responsiveness of emails and team communication. Imagine a scenario where you are not able to track the exchange of emails between your team. Neither will you stay updated with the latest developments, nor will lazy employees come to your notice. You already know how crucial the uninterrupted flow of information is for any organization’s employee engagement. To avert incurring losses triggered by discontinuities in communication, this product is the most advanced solution. What are you waiting for then?


5. You can identify leaders

Are you aware that companies that are effective in terms of communication perform 3.5 times better than their competitors? Again, this input from ThinkTalent reiterates the importance of effective communication. In most cases, such efficacy will require you to encourage your employees to give their best. As you already know, rewards work best when you have to motivate your employees to perform.

But how will you be able to reward the best performers if you will not know who they are? With timetoreply’s reports, you analyze and share comparative leadership reports with your teams. Hence, you can identify the most diligent workers and reward them in front of everyone to set the benchmark.

Besides, by doing so, you can create healthy competition among your team members. In addition, this will help your team to set measurable goals for winning accolades and rewards. The bottom line is, you need to communicate the idea of effective communication within your organization. You have to convey to your employees that their performance in communication is being monitored closely.

Improve team communication with timetoreply

To conclude, as remote work culture continues to grow, digital communication is more important than ever. Every business needs effective communication systems and tools to support its operations and functionality. Your quest should be to find the most advanced and versatile communication tool for your business. A tool like timetoreply will ultimately help you to make email – still the most widely used communication tool – a stress-free place of great communication.


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Jessica Robinson is the epitome of creativity. She has dedicated her life to educational writing and works for ‘The Speaking Polymath’. She has been creating magic with her powerful words for over a decade

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