No matter what size your business is, timetoreply will empower you to keep your hand on the pulse of your business, offering you the ability to keep track of email responses for sales teams, keep a close tab on lead generation and email marketing strategies, as well as allowing franchise holders to keep track of the email response times of their franchisees.

Whether you have a small sales team or a large corporate sales team, the ability to keep track of your team’s responses to email enquiries is essential to building your success.  If you keep a customer waiting too long for a response to their query, either they will contact a competitor, or reach the ‘cold feet’ level, making it a priority to strike while the iron is hot.

In a large corporation it is easy to lose touch with the underlying causes for the inability to turn enquiries into sales and when you are able to take an educated and in-depth look at the response times of large teams, you will inevitably find the cause of this is in delayed email response times.

The team at timetoreply have invested a passion for the generation of leads from email and online marketing with a solid foundation into researching just how vital it is for you to know exactly what is happening in response to email enquiries in your business.

Consolidating a profound understanding of how much of an impact fast email responses can have on email and web-based businesses, timetoreply is an innovative tool that enables you to keep track of exactly how long each of the members of your response team take to reply to an enquiry, as well as measuring the quality of each response.

Harvard Business Review published stunning facts based on their research into how email response times affect the bottom line in business. Please view these eye-opening statistics and conclusions on our website.

These facts, along with much research, are what have created the need for a tool like timetoreply, allowing you to view as much statistical data as you need to move you to a level of outstanding service and converting more enquiries and leads into actual sales than you have previously acheived.

If you would like to empower yourself with the ability to monitor and incentivise your sales teams based on their email performance please contact the team at timetoreply, and if you would like to try this tool you can implement it free for up to 3 agents. No doubt you will see the value of implementing a tool like this in your drive for the successful conversion of enquiries to sales.

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