We’re super excited to announce that we offer “Bulk Add” for MS Exchange customers running MS Exchange 2013 or later versions.


What does this mean for MS Exchange Users?


Two awesome things.


Awesome thing number 1


Instead of adding MS Exchange mailboxes one at a time, you can add the mailboxes you want to track in one go. You also won’t have to re-authenticate the mailboxes frequently. The connection is also stable (even if you change the password of any of the mailboxes that are being tracked).

All of these features make adding and tracking large teams much faster and easier.


Awesome thing number 2


You can create a service account to use with timetoreply and limit the mailboxes that the service account can authenticate. This means you can control your security and not provide the service account with access to all mailboxes on your tenant.

How to bulk link your MS Exchange Mailboxes


Check out the video below to see how to bulk link and track MS Exchange mailboxes.



Get started with timetoreply


If you’re an MS Exchange user and want to track the email reply times of your support, success, or sales teams, start your 7-day timetoreply trial for free now.

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