Now that’s something any business is after, short term, long term, any other term; success. The economic slump worldwide has made success in any business an even greater challenge than ever before, making it essential that business owners pay attention to the smallest details in order to grow exponentially.

One of the smallest things that can, and has, contributed to the success of small to medium businesses, and that of the larger corporations, is, believe it or not, the attention that’s paid to every email enquiry that hits the inbox.

Do email response times from your sales team make a tortoise look good?

Well, there’s really no way that you can answer this, unless you have access to live statistics and analytics that allow you to see exactly what’s happening with email response times.

Without these tools, you have no way of knowing how many email queries or sales leads are slipping through the cracks, solely as a result of lack of response, or slow response times.

Why email response times can change the face of your business

Every day millions of people are searching the web for products or services they’re ready to buy or pay for, and they’re the ones that are of utmost importance to you and the success of your business.

Take too much time responding and you’ve lost a potential sale, and you’ve lost face in terms of customer service, which is at the forefront of the race for success.

Do customers know that their time is of value to your business?

Whether someone is emailing you or sending through an online contact form, the fastest way to grow your reputation is to get back to them, quickly!

Their time is of value to them, and they want to know that you value it as much as they do. Besides which, the faster you respond to any email, the closer you are to closing the sale and beating the competition hands down.

The major return on having a professional attitude like this is the greatest step you can take towards earning a great reputation for customer service, which, as any business knows, is the best free advertising you’ll ever have!

Try it the Time to Reply way

Time to Reply has revolutionized email response times with their superfast online programme. This is what gives you a bird’s eye view of everything happening in your business in terms of its flow of emails, in every department, irrespective of the size of your business.

On your Time to Reply online dashboard you’ll find –

  • The answer to how well your sales team is responding to incoming emails, while at the same time giving you the full picture of response times.
  • Exactly how many emails are received and replied to, as well as being able to have exact figures of how long each agent takes to respond to an email query.
  • With these metrics, you can work at tailoring the way customers are approached, how to up contact rates and grow an awesome reputation for excellent customer service, which is the surest way of boosting sales figures.
  • 24/7 analytics are at hand, no matter where you are.


There’s a whole lot more to the packages available from Time to Reply, but if you really want to know how it works, try it for free, no catch or credit card involved!

You’ll have 7 days to play with, to get the full picture of how awesome these packages are, but be warned, it’s addictive and hard to say no to!

Get the full picture of how Time to Reply can help to grow your business with the minimum of hassle, by contacting this friendly team today to get you started.






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