In these days of instant communication and online business it is no surprise that people expect not to have to wait too long for a response to an online enquiry. Are you up to speed with your team’s response time record, or is it – as with many businesses – an area that you have overlooked? Of course, you will likely have more on your plate and limited time to dedicate to monitoring responses, but consider this: if you respond within an hour of an enquiry, you are seven times more likely to get the business than those that leave it for a further hour.

So, how can you accurately keep an eye on your lead response times without eating into your daily routine? You could take a look at timetoreply, an innovative and proven tool that has many benefits. We have designed timetoreply to be useful to small and medium sized business, and we believe it is a vital resource for growing companies. You can monitor your response times, how your agents engage with customers, how many lead become live, and much more, and you can even display your current, real-time response time on your website, which instils confidence in those looking for your services.

At timetoreply we are very proud of the success of our tool, and we invite you to take a look in more detail at the website. You’ll see that not only do we offer you an effective monitoring and reporting tool, but we also promise value for money. Our pricing scale is based on the number of agents you need to monitor, and up to three is completely free. Really, it’s free to try, so you really can’t lose! Get onto our website now, and get up and running in no time at all.

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