Findings by Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Kellogg School of Management into why so many businesses failed to convert internet leads into actual sales showed some pretty scary results for any company still taking their time in responding to internet queries!

Harvard found that if a company tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query they would be nearly seven times, yes, seven times as likely to qualify the lead, while Kellogg found that the odds of calling to contact a lead decrease by over 10 times in the first hour!  Their research showed that the immediacy of response overshadows both the time of day and of week in its effect on contact and qualification ratios.

In the research that Forbes did into how response times to internet leads affected the ability to turn that lead into a sale they asked a very interesting question: “What would your CEO say if you proved 71% of the leads your company generates on the internet are wasted? Who would be fired?”

This research is available on the timetoreply website and articles on this subject abound on Google search engines, which makes the package that the team at timetoreply developed and have continued to refine since 2012 the perfect toolto place the control of quick response to email and internet leads into the hands of sales managers and CEO’s of companies big and small.

Although timetoreply has already spent years on research, do yourself a favour and look into it on your own, it won’t take much to convince you that the innovative tool developed by timetoreply is an invaluable investment, especially if you are serious about not letting your business get away from you.

Every statistic regarding emails received and responded to will be at your fingertips, without the need to install expensive software or change email servers.  The timetoreply dashboard will give you a clear indication of how fast the response time is to any email lead individual members of your team receives, along with empowering you to monitor exactly how many emails are received, how long it took for a response and what the quality of the response was.

If you are ready to take back the 71% of leads you have been losing to slow response times, especially if you have been scratching your head trying to understand how so many leads that come in from the internet are dead in the water before you can blink, then contact the savvy team at timetoreply, even if it is just to take advantage of the 21 day free trial offered.

There is no doubt that you will find a timetoreply package that will give you returns that far outweigh your initial affordable investment.

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