Timetoreply has an innovative tool that will help you to be first out of the starting block when it comes to internet and email sales leads, but what you do with it will be entirely up to you!  You can use this tool to boost your sales into another dimension completely if you use it well, putting all the knowledge the timetoreply dashboard puts into your hands to good use.

The timetoreply dashboard will provide you with all the statistics and analytics you need to refine and redefine your online approach to increase contact rates, boost sales and make sure that your ratings of customer satisfaction are very high! The dashboard will tell you exactly how long your staff took to respond to an internet or email enquiry, how many they received and what the quality was of each response.

This is powerful stuff if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, and with the real-time reports available 24/7 on the timetoreply dashboard, the sky is the limit in terms of just how many leads your team can convert into actual sales.  Another really great thing about the timetoreply tool is that it doesn’t require the installation of expensive software, it’s simple and straightforward to activate once you have chosen the most suitable package for your business, and it works with any email client, from Gmail to Outlook and Yahoo.

The only thing that will need to change when you start using the timetoreply tool will be the speed and quality of response to email enquiries, timetoreply is simply the most effective vehicle to take your sales into overdrive.

Timetoreply is affordable, easy to use and streamline to suit your business needs, empowering you to steer your team to a level of service excellence and response time that is so outstanding that positive word-of-mouth recommendations will bring even more internet and email enquiries in than ever before.

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