We all like to feel as if we matter. And we know the more a business cares about our custom, the faster they’ll get back to us.

That’s why it’s so important to get back to prospects as quickly as possible after they have contacted you. If you happen to be the first of your competitors to do so you also stand a much better chance of winning the deal – a 78 per cent better chance, in fact.

Here are three reasons a fast response to inquiries really matters:

1. Top-of-mind awareness
The faster you get back to a prospect the more your business and its offerings will still be on their mind. Your prospect is in the same emotional state that prompted them to contact you in the first place – a frame of mind that makes them much more likely to buy than if you delayed your reply.

2. Trust-building
If your prospect was starting to wonder how trustworthy your customer service might be, or whether you will be attentive to their needs, a quick reply will go a long way to making them feel good about doing business with you. Before you’ve even spoken a word you will have demonstrated you value their custom and place their needs first. And that means they’ll trust you whole lot more.

3. Sheer Amazement
Although your prospect really wants a reply from you right away, they might not expect it. But if you send even just a personal reply within a few minutes you’ll impress them enough to move the buying process up a notch. A powerful advantage.

The thing to remember here is you’ll make more sales by connecting with your prospects closest to the moment they first reach out to you. It’s your big opportunity to begin forming a relationship of trust and loyalty in your brand, simply by proving you’re on the ball and care about your customers.

It’s a sales tactic most businesses still don’t apply.


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