Any business owner or sales manager that is determined to understand how well email enquiries are being handled, or whether they are being ignored and mismanaged, definitely needs to add timetoreply to the arsenal of tools each business needs to grow, and maintain that growth, especially in a tough economy!

The question then is, who should be using timetoreply, and how would they benefit most out of this innovative online tool that offers real-time access to metrics and analytics, designed to point you in the right direction to maximise on email enquiries and how quickly they are responded to?

Small to medium businesses and their sales teams can definitely benefit from the information timetoreply offers in terms of being able to track and improve how many emails agents receive, how many they reply to and how quickly they do so.  The quality and speed of these email responses by any sales team will also determine the extent to which they are able to engage the customer, and all these details are easy to track from the timetoreply dashboard, in real time!

Large corporates have an even greater influx of emails to deal with on a daily basis, and keeping control of what happens to these emails is virtually impossible unless you use technology which is up there with the best of them, which in this case is timetoreply.  Timetoreply is a 21st century business solution designed to give large corporations the ability to track how many emails staff receive, how quickly they respond to these emails, and again, very importantly, what level of engagement they manage to achieve with each client sending an email.

Major volumes of internal emails move through a corporation, and it is the job of timetoreply to provide all the statistics regarding how a large staff is responding to these internal emails, especially when there are many departments an email has to move through to reach the sales team!

Many small to medium businesses are relying on lead generation companies and online marketers to assist them with growing their business, and for these lead generators, timetoreply is the perfect tool to give an overview of just how well the leads they generate are handled by their customers, how quickly these customers respond to these leads and how long it takes to get what are fresh leads to the right sales people within the company.

If any market sector understands the importance of fast email response times, it is lead generators and online marketers. They know the numbers and can assist customers to handle their leads better than ever, ensuring that their customers understand the very short lifespan of a live, fresh lead!

Franchise owners and manufacturers also want to keep their hand in to keep track of what happens to leads they send out to franchisees, and timetoreply gives them the ability to keep real-time track of how many leads the franchisees receive, how quickly they respond to these leads and how long it takes to distribute the lead on their internal system.

Whether you are a small to medium business owner, large corporate, lead generator, online marketer or franchise owner, make sure you get a head start on managing and tracking email leads and enquiries by contacting the team at timetoreply, they will show you just how easy it is to use this innovative online business tool to have complete control over what happens to every email that comes into your business!

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