Email Analytics Guide For Sales and Customer Teams

For any customer service or sales team looking to improve their responsiveness and close more deals, email analytics offer invaluable insights.

Without email analytics, customer service and sales teams will struggle to maintain high levels of customer care and may fail to convert those much-needed sales at scale. A study of 1000 companies found that 62% do not even respond to customer service emails, while only 20% are able to answer questions in full on the first reply.

What’s more alarming is the slow response time: average response times to handle a customer service request is 12 hours and 10 minutes. By that time, you may have damaged the goodwill of your customer and may even have pushed them to a more responsive competitor.


What is email analytics?

Email analytics is a method of tracking various statistics and data points associated with email activity.

Typical email analytics include the number of emails sent and received, average reply times, email traffic by time of day or day of the week, and top senders and recipients.

Organisations using email analytics to track their teams’ email performance gain greater insight into their email strategies for customer service and sales. This enables organisations to use actionable intelligence into email activities to bring improvements to their sales and customer service efforts.


The importance of email analytics in organisations

Not sure that email analytics is important to your business? If you are looking for a tool to improve the performance of your customer service and sales teams – especially if they handle large volumes of customer emails – an email analytics tool can be invaluable to your business.


1. Never miss important emails

You’ll never win over the hearts and minds of your customers if you don’t respond quickly to their email requests. But keeping track of large volumes of incoming mails can be tricky without the correct tools at your teams’ disposal. High-performance teams receive so many emails that the risk of missing an important mail is ever present.

Email analytics tools such as timetoreply give sales and customer service teams the ability to create custom SLAs and real-time alerts to ensure no important email goes unanswered.

2. Boost team performance

It’s an age-old truth that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. For customer service managers or sales managers looking to boost their teams’ performance, an email analytics tool provides invaluable insights into a broad range of metrics.

Customer service and sales teams can identify areas of improvement by using the data-driven insights provided by email analytics tools such as timetoreply. By implementing policies and custom SLAs to boost performance, your teams can close sales more quickly and deliver great service and support to every customer.

3. More sales, happier customers

You can’t claim the customer is king if you leave their questions unanswered or unattended to. Ignoring sales queries – or taking so long to respond that prospects go to the nearest competitor – also undermines your company’s growth and success.

An email analytics tool can help you keep better track of customer service and sales queries by tracking a broad range of email-related metrics.

This can help you save marketing dollars by ensuring every hot lead is nurtured and every customer is satisfied with the great, attentive service they’re receiving.


Who should use email analytics for decision-making

Email analytics offer helpful insights to sales managers and customer service managers. By tracking the email performance of sales and customer service teams, email analytics can help identify areas of improvement that can lead to better response times, happier customers and more sales success.



1. Sales Manager

It’s no secret that quick, accurate responses to incoming sales queries can radically improve sales success. In fact, nearly eight in ten sales go to the first company that replies to a customer’s query.

For sales managers, an improvement in their teams’ email response times can help them close more deals, more quickly. By having access to accurate data about their teams’ email performance, sales managers can grow sales volumes and boost revenue.

Timetoreply’s email analytics help sales managers improve response times by providing a set of data-driven metrics that can point to areas of improvement. By boosting their teams’ email productivity, sales managers can close the gap between inbound leads and sales conversions.

Our platform integrates with Outlook or Gmail and tracks key email metrics in real-time. The data produced by timetoreply’s email analytics platform can directly improve reply times and ensure no lead goes cold.


2. Customer Service Manager

Successful businesses pride themselves on great customer service. That means quick, accurate responses to incoming queries that help customers resolve any issues. What you don’t want is a twelve-hour wait between the customer’s email and the first reply.

An email analytics tool can help customer service managers keep track of email volumes, average reply times, peak traffic times, and a host of other metrics. By applying the insights gained from the email analytics tool, customer service managers can improve their teams’ responsiveness and drive higher levels of customer service.

Timetoreply’s email analytics platform empowers customer service managers with all the data and reporting they need to drive continuous improvements in customer service levels. In fact, our customers have improved their response times from seven hours to only two hours.

What’s more, our customers have boosted their response rates from 65% to over 90% within hours of using timetoreply.


Challenges of email analytics

Email analytics tools are not simply nice-to-haves. They fulfil a vital role in the successful running of sales and customer service teams that deal with large volumes of incoming mails, helping solve challenges that include:

  1. Lack of native email analytics
  2. No visibility over email reply times

How Email Analytics Software Solve The Challenges


1.Gain deeper insight into your teams’ email performance.

Popular email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail offer only the most basic email analytics. For high-performance sales and customer service teams, native email analytics simply won’t cut it. Using a professional email analytics platform can help uncover vital data about your teams’ email performance that can be used to guide improvements in how you respond to your customers.


2.Transparency over your email reply times

Quick email response times is one of the best ways to boost your sales success and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction. In fact, companies that respond to a sales query within an hour are sixty times more likely to qualify the lead than companies that take 24 hours to respond. Using an email analytics tool can bring transparency to your teams’ email reply times, helping drive continuous improvements in your teams’ email productivity.


Introducing Timetoreply

Timetoreply is an advanced email analytics solution that easily integrates with all leading email platforms, including Gmail and Outlook.

Through a simple integration, our platform connects to individual or shared mailboxes and immediately starts producing actionable insights into your teams’ email performance.

Timetoreply empowers organisations with accurate data regarding their email reply times, email volumes, peak hours, and other metrics that can be used to drive improvements in how sales and customer service teams use email.

Our user-friendly dashboard and comprehensive reporting capabilities bring clarity and intelligence to email analytics, whether your teams use Gmail or Outlook.

ISO27001 and Google Security Certification provide high levels of security and support compliance with data and privacy regulations, including SOC2 and GDPR. And our public API unlocks a world of possibilities through integrations with best-of-breed third-party tools and applications.


outlook shared mailboxes analytics

The only email analytics tool for Outlook and Gmail

Timetoreply is the only email analytics tool that easily integrates with Outlook and Gmail. Our platform can be deployed to your email platform of choice within minutes and immediately start producing actionable insights that can improve your email productivity.

No training required

Timetoreply’s email analytics platform provides an intelligent layer over your email platform of choice. This means your teams can deploy and start benefiting from its data-rich insights without any additional training. Just plug-and-play to boost your teams’ email performance.

Set goals to drive measurable performance improvements

One of the most effective ways to boost your teams’ email performance is to set measurable goals and track your teams’ performance against those goals. Timetoreply gives you the power to set and track email reply time goals and other custom SLAs, ensuring every team member works towards closing the email response time gap.

Key takeaways

Email analytics tools provide welcome support to customer service and sales teams wishing to improve their email productivity, deliver great customer service and boost sales success.

Any company or team that handles large volumes of customer or prospect emails can benefit from the advantages offered by email analytics tools.

The best email analytics tool for customer-facing and sales teams working in Gmail or Outlook is timetoreply. Our plug-and-play platform can be quickly deployed and provides actionable insights that can improve email response times.

Want to see what an email analytics tool can do for your business? Try a no-obligation 15-day free trial of timetoreply to see how our market-leading email analytics can power your sales and customer service success.

Want to see what an email analytics tool can do for your business? Try a no-obligation 15-day free trial of timetoreply to see how our market-leading email analytics can power your sales and customer services success.

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