Using the innovative timetoreply tool will help you get to the bottom of exactly what is going wrong with the large percentage of internet leads coming in to your sales team which are not converted into sales, it saves you time and generates a higher income than ever before, provided you use the timetoreply tool the way it was designed to be used.

The reality is that shoppers conditioned by Google, Amazon and others expect nothing less than immediate answers to online queries and if your company is not acting on these internet leads falling into your lap within at the most 10 to 20 minutes, you can pretty much count it as a lost sale.

Timetoreply has created an innovative tool which has already helped many clients to take control of exactly what is happening to internet leads coming in, how fast they are responded to and exactly how many leads each sales team member receives.  This nifty tool tracks response times and if you really want to create an atmosphere of friendly competition, tracking these response times will allow for a system of incentivising and rewarding salespeople enough to inspire them to convert more internet leads into sales than ever before.

Use the timetoreply tool, which requires no installation of software, to track exactly how many email and internet queries come in, how fast each team member responds to the query and what the quality of the response is.  Timetoreply will tell you that responses by phone or personal email far outweigh what have become useless auto-responses, personal contact assures your potential client that they are important to your business, before they move on the your competitor.

The metrics on the timetoreply dashboard can be filtered to suit your requirements and offer you statistic and analytics that will enable you to streamline your approach to increase contact rates and boost sales, which will inevitibaly move you way ahead of your competition while at the same time creating a valuable reputation for customer excellence.

Visit the timetoreply website for in-depth information on how to become the first company to respond to an internet or email enquiry and grab the bulk of over 70% of internet sales leads that get lost in the black hole of slow response times!

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