The growth of the internet and technology has made consumers impatient; it’s now a culture of instant gratification, and if you are too slow off the mark to satisfy this demand for immediate results, you’ll kiss a lot of good business goodbye!

It’s easy to disappear in a highly competitive online business landscape, especially if, as most businesses do, you rely on great leads to move ahead. The point, however, is that you won’t be invisible to people who receive quick responses to their online enquiries.

This will satisfy their need for immediate attention and make them feel that they are important to you and your company; its great customer service that makes being invisible impossible!  There is no doubt that a customer that has received excellent service from your company is going to pass along glowing recommendations about your company to friends, family and associates – well worth the effort!

What can timetoreply do to help you grab and hold the attention of impatient consumers?

  • In the first place, it’s important to know that timetoreply software works with your existing email, making it possible to retain contact with all email clients, irrespective of whether they use Outlook and Gmail, or any other mail – no one needs to change a thing to keep the information flowing via email!
  • Your timetoreply online dashboard will show you exactly what is going on with emails coming into your business. You can see how may emails are received by a group inbox, such as your sales email or info email, as well as measure the performance of individual staff members, from the moment they receive an email to the moment they respond to it.
  • The speed with which emails are responded to is crucial to the success of any business in terms of contact and conversion rates. With all the metrics available on the timetoreply dashboard and the real-time statistics at your fingertips, it’s easy to find ways to tailor your approach to attract and retain increased contact rates.
  • By improving and increasing contract rates through different approaches, you stand a far better chance of boosting sales and making customers very happy with the service received by quick responses to their email enquiries.
  • Real-time reports, which are available from the timetoreply online dashboard 24/7, give you such clear analytics about staff reply times, completion rates, email volume and the quality of customer engagement, that you will be able to use specific filters to narrow down to the point where you will be able to see exactly how long it has taken to respond to specific customers!
  • If you’re measuring individual mailboxes in order to view the performance of staff members on a sales team, and want to encourage an environment of fun competition to see who gets to answer their emails the quickest, institute leaderboards and possibly offer small incentives in recognition for a job well done, whether on a weekly or monthly basis.

By encouraging an ethos of quick email response times you and your staff will take your sales up another level of success, and earn fantastic points for customer service among the thousands of consumers looking to spend their money with a company that grabs their attention with quick email responses, every time!

Make every lead count by contacting the friendly team at timetoreply. The ability to get a good handle on quick email response times is exactly why this online tool was developed in the first place, and with the focus on continuously streamlining all this tool is able to offer, control over emails will become something you can do virtually blindfolded!

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