Are you looking for fresh ways to give incentive to your sales team? We have the answer! We are timetoreply, and we offer a proven and popular business tool that is designed to help you not only improve your response times, but also to give your team the incentive to perform. With many satisfied customers in many different areas of industry and commerce, timetoreply is a proven solution and one that you will find to be surprisingly affordable. In fact, so confident are we that you will invest the small amount it costs, we give you it free for the first three agents you monitor.

So, how does timetoreply work? It operates from your existing email and provides you with access to real time monitoring of response times and more. We have many clients who use the timetoreply tool to create leader boards, and this is a great way to get your team to work more efficiently. Not only can you measure response times, but you can also see how many emails they received and replied to, and their completion rates. How you reward them is up to you, but we have seen timetoreply used in this way with great success.

At timetoreply we have paid great attention to research that confirms response time is a very, very important element of online business. Fail to reply before your competition, and your chance of converting the lead reduces dramatically. The timetoreply solution means you can see, very clearly, where improvements need to be made within your team and elsewhere, and how best to make those improvements for the greatest effect. We’re here to help at timetoreply, and we believe that you will be more than willing to join our many satisfied clients, so have a look now, or get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.