We all know that email communication today is the lifeblood for success, no matter what type of business you’re in

When a shopper finds your services or products on the internet and sends in an enquiry, the email response time from your business to the potential customer can make or break any deal in the offing.

Control of email traffic in a small business:

As a small business owner, email enquiries more than likely take precedence over all else in your day to day efforts to grow your business.  It’s easier to keep track of email enquiries when you alone are at the helm, but even then, you are liable to get so caught up in other aspects of growing your business that you may forget to respond to emails.

These small hiccups in email correspondence seriously impact any chance you have of generating a level of customer service that will keep customers coming back.  There is nothing as precious as the free advertising that is earned through fantastic customer service, and it starts with how quickly you respond to every email coming in.

Having a convenient online tool that can track and measure the success of the email responses you generate not only gives you a clear picture of just how much you may be missing, it also helps to measure the progress you are able to make by making adjustments to email contact to up contact rates and to tailor your responses appropriately.

Even if a quick email response only leads to positive contact with a customer but they don’t buy, the fact is that the next time they are really in the market for your services or products, yours will be the first name that comes to mind, based solely on your initial quick response to their enquiry!

Control of email traffic in medium size businesses:

As a medium business owner, you will probably have a few people on staff to manage sales and communication, and it’s the attitude towards the importance of these emails that will determine whether you convert enquiries to sales or not.

How do you know exactly how many email enquiries come in every day, and how do you know how quickly they are responded to by your staff?

The answer is as easy as the tool is that makes this information available to you from a birds-eye perspective!

Timetoreply is an innovative tool designed to offer you an online dashboard that gives you a complete overview of not only how many emails come into your business daily, but of how quickly individual members of your staff are responding to these emails.

Oversight of all the activities taking place in your business with regard to email traffic is available from your online timetoreply dashboard, offering you every statistic you need to start a complete overhaul of how emails are handled once they arrive, and just how quickly they are responded to.

This is the first rule in generating great customer service, which is the foundation for success in any business!

The email performance statistics available on the timetoreply online dashboard gives you all the information you could possibly need to jack-up email response times, and to manage the quality of these responses.

Control of email traffic in large businesses:

Large businesses are even more susceptible to the loss of leads and contact through slow email response times!  In a large company it’s easy for emails to get ‘lost’, and, no one is able to pinpoint exactly where or why it’s happening.

Any sales manager worth their salt is going to want to know exactly what is happening to emails coming into the business, especially with a large staff on hand.

Timetoreply boils it down to its bare bones by giving you a complete handle on what is happening with group mailboxes and individual mailboxes, which means that you are able to pinpoint exactly where email communication is being lost!

With timetoreply you will know exactly how many emails each person on your staff receives, and precisely how long they take to reply to these mails.

In fact, once you know exactly what is going on, using the metrics on your timetoreply online dashboard, you will have the perfect tool for instituting leaderboards to encourage healthy competition between staff members to lead the way with the best email response times!

How to go about using timetoreply to completely turn around email response times:

Visit timetoreply to find out more about exactly how this nifty online tool can lead the way to faster email response times all-round, with real-time statistics at your fingertips.

Check out the FAQ’s to find the answers to any question you may have, or contact the team at timetoreply to find out more about how this system works to raise conversion rates; the support of this friendly team will make your journey to complete control over the flow of emails into and out of your business a cinch.

Put quick email response times at the top of your agenda for success with this easy to use tool; there is no doubt that it will be one of the best investments you can make in a predominantly internet-based business environment!

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