Let’s start with how important it is to respond as quickly as possible to any email enquiry received by your sales agents.

According to research, sales leads have a very short lifespan, which means that there is only a window of between 5 – 30 minutes in which to convert a lead into a sale.

Why is the life of a lead or enquiry so short?  It’s really quite simple to understand this when you consider that we live in an age of instant gratification.

Potential customers aren’t willing to wait too long for a response to their enquiry before moving on to the competition, making it essential for you to be first out of the gate with your response times.

Once you know what the email response times are, you’ll no doubt find out where many leads are often lost, somewhere between being received and then responded to.

Since email correspondence is the main form of communication for any business today, every lead or enquiry needs to be treated as a potential sale.

Prompt email responses also play an important role in building up a reputation for service excellence, which in turn become recommendations that bring in new business.  Recommendations are the best in free advertising for any business.

Timetoreply has developed software that gives you as complete an overview as possible of all emails coming in and going out of your business.

This software makes it possible to tailor email responses to such an extent that they should increase contact rates with customers, which in turn will increase your sales turnover significantly.

Taking into consideration the fact that you won’t be locked into any dreaded contracts or long term commitments, Timetoreply offers you the opportunity to give their 7 day trial a shot before you make the inevitable decision to make this awesome software yours.

Timetoreply is compatible with most email software, from Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 to many more, so nothing has to be changed on your side and your customers will get their emails from you as they did before.

Here’s a brief description of what you’ll find when you log in to your online Timetoreply dashboard:

Email conversations

You’ll have a complete picture of how many email conversations have taken place, how many emails were received and how many were sent out.

Email traffic during business hours & outside of business hours:

You’ll have a clear picture of what happens with emails during business hours, and separately outside of business hours, which includes an average initial reply time, average overall reply time and average time to forward.

Time to forward emails from a central email address:

This average time to forward would be targeted at how long it takes for a lead to be forwarded to your sales agents from a central email address such as @company.com or enquiries@company.com.

With Time to Reply you’ll be able to:

  • Check statistics by day
  • Measure individual and group mailboxes
  • Measure reply times over any given period i.e. 7 January to 14 January
  • Measure internal email performance against external email performance
  • Measure email response times for the company as a whole, as well as for agents and customers
  • You’ll be able to generate online reports that give you an overview of email activity, download them or export them to Excel
  • With SLA measurements at your fingertips, you’ll be able to define exactly what will be sent out to customers and even choose a select group of customers to target with a different approach

A small investment for a great package!

If 78% of sales go to the first company to respond and you can increase contact rates by 900%, then Timetoreply will become a right hand man you can rely on to increase sales!

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