You may already have quality online marketing campaigns in place to boost your online presence and bring in leads, but do email response times in your business match the quality of these marketing strategies?

Once someone fills in an online form, do you really know what happens to the sales enquiry it generates?

In response to these and other burning questions about how to boost sales through quick email response times, the team at timetoreply developed an online tool that would put all this information at your disposal.

Timetoreply is the result of a ton of research, resulting in an innovative tool designed to give any sized business the opportunity of measuring response times to emails sent to both group and individual mailboxes.

Timetoreply has kept it simple, making access to statistics, reports and analytics a matter of viewing your online dashboard to see exactly what’s happening in real time.

Accessing this type of vital information is simplicity itself, timetoreply doesn’t make you jump through hoops to make this software work for you!

Register free of charge:

That’s right, free of charge!  Simplicity at its best.  Timetoreply won’t ask for credit card details just to give this awesome tool a try.

Tinker with the online dashboard free of charge:

The team at timetoreply is so confident about this business tool that you’ll first get the chance to tinker with the online dashboard for 7 days, before you decide it’s the best thing since ice-cream was invented!

Once you get a taste of what timetoreply can do in this testing period, and decide it’s the answer to boosting sales, you’ll pay a flat rate for your first mailbox.

Each additional mailbox you add comes at minimal cost, but of course you’ll know exactly how many group or individual mailboxes you’d like to monitor to suit your business.

Mighty amount of free stuff isn’t it!

Timetoreply training:

Setting up your timetoreply dashboard comes with a simple set of instructions so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get going, but if you want to increase your knowledge base, timetoreply has made provision for you.

Timetoreply training is aimed at business owners or sales managers who’ll be drawing on and analysing the data and reports generated when they log into the online dashboard.

Use leaderboards to improve email performance:

Agent leaderboards are a great way to encourage healthy competition between individual sales agents on any team.

The statistics and analytics on the timetoreply dashboard will help to give sales agents the incentive to beat other team members to the top by getting on board with quick email response times.

You’ll know exactly what’s happening in your sales department in terms of the amount of emails received and response times to these emails, along with other important statistics that’ll increase customer engagement rates and qualify more leads.

Sign up today to unlock the simplest tool for boosting sales:

Visit the timetoreply website today to register your account for free and start a 7 day trial of this innovative tool designed to help customers boost sales.

The team at timetoreply is always on standby to offer awesome support if you get stuck anywhere on the road to boosting sales, and they’re quick about it too!


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