If you have ever wondered why it is that so many of the promising leads or sales enquiries that come in via email fail to even come close to turning into sales, taking a look at the email response times of your sales team or marketing team is going to make it very clear that the early bird definitely does get the worm and it’s the other birds who got the worms first because of faster email response times!

The only way to have a complete overview of how the inflow and outflow of emails are managed by your teams is by using the innovative timetoreply tool, which opens up a whole new way of looking at how the all-important emails coming into your business are being handled.  You will also be able to adjust your marketing approach based on the real-time statistics provided on your timetoreply dashboard, giving you a head-start where it comes to your competitors and just how significantly you can use tracking email response times to turn more leads into actual sales.

When your team responds to email enquiries and sales leads long before the lead goes cold, you will also be grabbing the opportunity of maximising the ability of your business to get to a potential customer while they are still in a buying mood, and well before they get cold feet or move on to your competitor.

Timetoreply assists you with accurate information with which to measure your company, agents and customer email response times right from the timetoreply dashboard, and includes a weekly report email, the ability to view real-time reports, filter your reports to suit your specifications and so much more.  Timetoreply is a dynamite package which is suitable for small sales teams and large corporations who would like to keep a tight control of email response times in order to maximise on the opportunities of turning hot leads into sales.

In many of the larger corporations it is even more difficult to determine the underlying cause of why many promising leads seem to go nowhere, but an innovative tool like timetoreply, which requires absolutely no expensive software installation, is able to show you exactly what is happening to these ‘lost’ leads.

Take advantage of the hard work and research done by the timetoreply team in developing this amazing tool and contact them today to get your email response times moving at high speed.

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