Real-Time Email Analytics Reporting for o-365, G Suite and MS Exchange


The timetoreply reports have always synced data at near real-time, but now that we’ve introduced webhook based real-time ingestion.

That means that data for o365, G Suite, and MS Exchange is now 100% real-time with data updating within a minute or two from when you send or receive an email.

We no longer ingest emails every 15 minutes and instead, we use webhooks to update the data in real-time. The new feature also means that we’ll soon be phasing out the ‘last synced time’ in the dashboards.

What this means for the future


Webhook ingestion means that we can finally offer real-time alerts rather than only offering scheduled reports. Real-time alerts will allow you to create rules that will fire off an alert in real-time to either the agent dealing with the email or a manager (whomever you like really). This feature is set to drop by the end of November 2020. Exciting times ahead!


If you’re interested in getting real-time alerts on slow email reply times for your sale, success or support teams, start your free timetoreply trial now.

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