Timetoreply is an innovative tool that every sales manager or business owner should have in their bag of tricks for achieving greater contact rates with potential customers via email and internet enquiries!  Time is money, no truer statement could be made in this age where email is still the most effective communications tool, every moment wasted in responding to an email enquiry is money lost, especially at the speed with which we do business in the 21st century!

None of us can afford to lose track of any potential lead, however, the surest way to let these leads slip through the cracks is to take a lackadaisical attitude to how quickly you or your team respond to incoming emails.

Timetoreply is the cement that will hold those cracks together by putting you in full control of exactly what is happening to email enquiries coming in to your business, and how fast they are being attended to.

The longer you make any potential client wait, the colder the lead becomes, and with an average shelf life of between 5 to 20 minutes for any lead, can you really afford not to have firm control of incoming and outgoing email traffic?

Accessing Timetoreply via an online dashboard allows you to keep track of all emails coming into your business, how quickly they are responded to, not only by your sales team but by individuals in the team, and to measure the quality of the responses from your end.

Keeping track of all email traffic in your business via the timetoreply dashboard, tailoring and configuring all the information according your specific business, is as straightforward as logging into your account and catching up on all the relevant statistics in real-time.

Get your email response times up and increase contact rates by using all the information at your fingertips on the timetoreply dashboard as a guideline to streamlining your online marketing, using these statistics to increase contact rates and to convert more leads into sales!

Timetoreply is simple, straightforward and cost-effective, just the tool you need to add to the bag of tricks used to achieve business success in an online world that is seriously fast-paced; nothing says ‘your business means a lot to us’ than a speedy email response!


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