You snooze, you lose, it’s as simple as that if you are not ready to grab the brass ring each time it swings your way, and with high speed technology swinging those rings at you, you really need to be on your toes to grow and thrive in a business arena that has become one of epic competition.

The days of phone calls or faxes to your company requesting quotes or information are long gone, email made it all redundant, and since email is the major form of communication used in business today, it is essential that you know exactly what is happening to emails coming into your business and to your sales teams at all times.

If you rely heavily on your company website to generate leads and enquiries, it is imperative that these emails or contact forms be given immediate attention; leave it too long and you have lost a potential sale, and done damage to your reputation to boot!

The other side of this coin is that if those emails are attended to as quickly as possible, not only will you be first in line to engage the customer, but you will also earn great points for on-the-ball service.  Even if that specific customer does not make use of your services or buy your product then and there, the door has been opened to future business with them based solely on the quality and speed of the response they received from your company.

The economy in South Africa is going through a seriously challenging period, people have less to spend and think very carefully before they do buy a service or product, which means that you have to be willing to go even further than the extra mile to ensure that the sale is yours and does not go to your competitor, and there are plenty of those!

Knowing exactly what is happening to email enquiries that come in to your business on a daily basis is going to be quite an eye opener, if you have never taken a serious look at it, you may find a pattern of missed opportunities and have a clearer picture of what has happened to many leads that started out promising and then fizzled out.

Timetoreply did in-depth research into how important it is for any business in this technology-driven era to remain on top of email correspondence, and, based on some really amazing statistics, they developed an innovative, easy-to-use tool that gives you an eagle eye view of how many emails are received by your team, how quickly they are responded to and what the quality of those responses are!

Tracking email response times in real time with timetoreply allows you to view staff and customer reply times, monitor individual and group mailboxes, the email performance metrics on your timetoreply dashboard are phenomenal, giving you everything you need to shake things up and be ready when that brass ring swings its way to your inbox!

If increasing your rate of contact and qualifying more leads is what you are after then timetoreply is the perfect tool for your business, and you don’t even need to install any software, it’s an online solution that works with every type of mailbox!

Here’s a thought in closing; if the Harvard Business Review found that you have a 100 times better chance of contacting a prospective customer if you reply to them within five minutes, wouldn’t you at least want to give it a shot?

Let the guys at timetoreply give you a demo, or try a 21 day trial, no strings attached, and if you then decide to use timetoreply to move your business forward, you will not be trapped into any contracts or commitments that are impossible to get out of!

Just do it! Find out for yourself where promising leads may have disappeared to and the guys at timetoreply will be happy to show you exactly how to use and tweak your timetoreply dashboard to tailor it perfectly to meet your needs.

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