As we all know by now, emails are the preferred method of communication in the business world today.  Anyone that doesn’t recognise this is on the losing end of the stick if sales are the lifeblood of their business.

Customers simply won’t wait for a response these days. At most you’ll be lucky if they wait 24 hours. If your sales agents are slow in their response to email enquiries, customers that could have been yours will already be dealing with the opposition.

If you’re already cognisant of just how important quick email response times are, then you’ll find tremendous value in using timetoreply, a tool developed by a team that understands the vital importance of fast email response times.

Fast email response times clearly indicate that your company is highly professional and dedicated to superb customer service, which are two qualities guaranteed to instil confidence in customers approaching you for the first time.

What timetoreply gives you is a complete overview of exactly what’s happening to all email correspondence in your business, which includes:

  • Total emails received by group and individual mailboxes.
  • Time taken to open emails received.
  • The time sales agents take to respond to emails.
  • The quality of the responses to customers.
  • Customer response times.
  • Customer opens.
  • Monitoring of response times via online forms generated on your website.
  • Monitoring of sales leaderboards.

Quality communication is key to engaging customers and then qualifying what constitute as hot leads ripe for conversion.

Timetoreply is designed to give you the edge on your competitors, giving you all the statistics and analytics you could possibly need to make email communication a top priority in your business.

The team at timetoreply has done a lot of research into developing a simple system that’s straightforward and easy to set up.

There’s absolutely nothing complicated about timetoreply. There’re no contracts and commitments that will keep you tied to something you don’t use.

Your journey with timetoreply starts with a free 7 day trial, and if you do sign up for this awesome tool, it’ll be on the basis of a monthly subscription. If it’s not working for you, which is highly unlikely, contact the team and they’ll cancel it immediately.

That’s another thing to look forward to when you deal with the friendly team at timetoreply: their customer service and support rocks!

As a business owner, it’s important to know that timetoreply doesn’t read your emails in order to produce the statistics and reports displayed on your online dashboard. The system developed by this team is so clever that all it needs is the header to measure reply times and produce reports.

Data security is also a top priority for the team at timetoreply. No customer using this tough little tool has ever had their data compromised!

If you’ve been wondering about why you get so many enquiries but so few become viable leads, then it’s time to look into overall email performance in your company, top to bottom.

The team at timetoreply will be very happy to welcome you on board and give you the grand tour of all the features packed into your online dashboard. You’ll look at email communication from a completely fresh perspective, no doubt!


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