What is the one area of your business that needs your attention yet never gets it? A part of daily routine that, thanks to your workload, you rarely get around to giving it your full and necessary attention? For smaller businesses, with limited resources, research has shown that one such area is that concerning the time it takes you to get back to online enquiries, and that’s why we invite you to take a closer look at timetoreply, a simply vital tool that will change and improve your business in no time at all.

Let us tell you about some research recently carried out by the Harvard Business review, no less: this esteemed body carried out an audit on more than 2,200 businesses, this time in the USA. To their shock and dismay, it transpired that almost a quarter of those businesses failed to reply to their enquiry! Now, we’re not suggesting this is happening in your case, but consider this, also: they also discovered that, if you reply within one hour of receipt, you are at least seven times more likely to take the business than a competitor responding just one hour after that!

Such facts can’t be ignored by smaller businesses, who are relying on growth for future success, hence you really do need to check out timetoreply, which offers real-time monitoring – among other things – of your teams’ response times, so you can see, easily and accurately, where improvements need to be made. There’s one more fact that makes timetoreply a must-have solution, and that is the fact that we charge you per agent, per month, and for the first three agents it is completely free. That’s right, it’s free, for life, for three agents, so what are you waiting for? You simply can’t go wrong with a free analysis tool, and we’re waiting for your call.

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