The Best Email Management Software in 2023

Do you ever feel like you’re being controlled by your inbox rather than the other way around? If you’re ready to conquer your email management issues, this article is for you.

According to a 5-year study by Statista, the average professional spends well over 2 hours checking work emails.

That is valuable time that could be better used elsewhere. Luckily, there are tools that can help. In particular, email management software. These tools help you get your inbox under control and start making your email accounts work for you. To help, this article explains what exactly is email management software, and walks you through some of the best options on the market. By the end, you’ll have a list of new tools to try.

What is Email Management Software?

Email Management software helps you and your team organize your email inboxes to stay on top of incoming messages from your team, customers, and other stakeholders. Email management software adds a layer of intelligent functionality not readily available in your default inbox. Depending on the software you choose, you’ll find features that help with areas such as:

  • Employee productivity
  • Customer relationship management and support
  • Sales and marketing

Let’s take a look at some of the best email management solutions out there.

11 Best Email Management Software Picks

1. timetoreply

Best for: Improving Email Productivity
Pricing: Free trial available, plans start from $228/year
If productivity is your goal on an individual and company-wide level, timetoreply is for you.


  • timetoreply has custom-built tools to enhance the performance of customer service and sales teams.
  • timetoreply Ignite allows you to turbocharge your inbound sales team’s productivity and performance.
    • Track every deal stage, manage critical follow-ups, improve lead response times, and increase sales.
    • Detailed analytics allow you to report on average sales cycles, create sales rep leaderboards, and track sales cadence.
  • With timetoreply Success, you can enhance your customer service team’s productivity and performance.
    • Track individual and average email reply times in real-time, improve response times and increase customer satisfaction.
    • Report on individual and shared mailboxes and receive notifications when an email reaches its SLA. This means you never miss an important email again.
  • The best part is that timetoreply easily integrates with your existing mail client, with no expected workflow interruption. Perfect for Gmail and Outlook.
  • If you do get stuck, the customer service is top-notch.

None. What can we say? We respond quickly to suggestions and criticism and are constantly updating our features to meet the demands of our clients.


2. Shift

Best for: Managing multiple inboxes
Pricing: Free plan, or starts from $99/yearShift works as a desktop application that integrates all of your inboxes.



  • Shift lets you quickly jump between inboxes with a single click.
  • Focus and streamline workflow by removing the need to log in and out of different inboxes.


  • Some users describe bugs that Shift is still working on that may cause unnecessary frustration.
  • There were reports of the app taking up a lot of space on a laptop – definitely something to be aware of.

3. Boomerang

Best for: Personal email productivity within Gmail
Pricing: free plan, or starts from $59/year

If you live inside Gmail and don’t want to leave, Boomerang is a great app. It’s simple but effective.


  • There’s a built-in sending scheduler to decide when you want emails to be sent.
  • Another nifty feature is setting follow-up reminders to track who you should be emailing.
  • It has an AI assistant that provides feedback on your email copy.
  • An interruption blocker restricts emails to certain times of the day so you are not constantly interrupted.


  • Boomerang is a relatively lightweight email management tool compared to others in this article.
  • There have been complaints that the interface is confusing.

4. Superhuman

Best for: Individual email management
Pricing: $360/yearlySuperhuman is a pricey but powerful email management tool. The team behind it have made it fast and packed it with shortcuts to help you fly through your inbox.


  • It includes features such as Undo Send, AI-based email triage, read statuses, and follow-up reminders.
  • If email is a crucial channel for managing relationships with colleagues, investors, customers, or personal relationships, then it’s worth trying Superhuman.
  • Heightened productivity is promised, and customer support is on the ball.


  • No doubt this is a pricier option which requires onboarding and some degree of learning to make the best of use of it.

5. Front

Best for: Team collaboration
Pricing: Starts from $228/yearly. 

If email collaboration is vital in your company, then Front is a great option.


  • Your team can access and collaborate with shared inboxes, so managing responses to customers and sales leads will be transparent and easy.
  • Highlight features include internal comments on emails, reminders, and powerful automation like mail merge, templates, and shortcuts.


  • The mobile app is not as robust as the desktop version, and users may take some time to get used to the interface.

6. Hiver

Best for: Team collaboration within Gmail

Pricing: Starts from $180/year If you’re already a G-Suite customer, then Hiver is a great email tool for your team. Hiver is a shared inbox and collaboration tool designed to work within Gmail.


  • You can create shared inboxes for departmental or catchall email addresses.
  • With Hiver, teams can address customer queries via multiple channels such as email, live chat, WhatsApp, and voice.
  • Hiver integrates with popular apps like Asana, Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and Zapier.
  • Users describe it as instantly usable, which is definitely a pro.


  • The analytics and the dashboard could provide more in-depth information across the company.
  • The automation function could also be improved to ensure the right person receives the correct email.

7. Zendesk

Best for: Customer service
Pricing: Starts from $228/year

Zendesk is an email management tool for customer service.


  • Zendesk was built to serve customers and enhance the customer service agent experience.
  • A highlight feature is the dynamic request form that gives employees all the customer context to ensure personalized support.
  • Armed with predefined responses, customer service agents can quickly respond to customer inquiries, saving time and improving the customer experience.


  • The integration with your existing mailbox can be complicated and interrupt workflow.
  • The roll-out of new features and customization functionality has been slow, which is a pity since a few tweaks can make this software tool more powerful.
  • There are also numerous critiques of Zendesk’s support function, which is ironic considering their business is support.

8. Yesware

Best for: Sales teams
Pricing: Starts at $180/year

Yesware is an email management software designed specifically for sales teams. If you want to build relationships with sales leads, it’s a great way to gather additional insights into their buying journey.


  • Setting up an integration with Salesforce is easy.
  • Once you install Yesware, you’ll see how recipients engage with your sales emails, including how they interact with links and attachments.
  • You’ll also have access to personal and team email analytics to see how well your sales campaigns are performing, how effective subject lines are, and how engaged individual recipients are.


  • There have been complaints about reminder alerts not working as they should, resulting in missed emails, which is bad for business.
  • Customization of cadences is limited and requires manual input.

9. SaneBox

Best for: Email organization
Pricing: Starts from $84/yearly

SaneBox is an email management tool designed to help users organize their inbox easily.


  • SaneBox automatically analyzes incoming emails and sorts them into various folders based on their relevance and importance.
  • SaneBox provides additional features, such as snoozing emails for later, automatically unsubscribing from unwanted newsletters, and even creating reminders to follow up on important messages.


  • While SaneBox is designed to be user-friendly, some users may find that it takes time to learn how to use its features effectively, especially if you are unfamiliar with email automation and filtering tools.
  • SaneBox may not always accurately sort every email. Some users may need to manually sort through their inboxes to ensure important messages are not overlooked or filtered incorrectly.

10. Microsoft Outlook

Best for: Tried and tested email management software
Pricing: Free, or paid with Office 365 for $69.99/year

Microsoft Outlook is one of the original email management tools.


  • It’s a tried and tested email management tool.
  • It includes a calendar so you can easily schedule and review events.
  • While there isn’t anything particularly flashy or new about Microsoft Outlook, you can be sure it will be a reliable tool for your email needs.


  • Outlook offers nothing by way of analytics, workflow tracking, or SLAs
  • For detailed analytics and assistance with workflow and tracking, you must install a more intelligent tool, like timetoreply for Outlook, to gain these insights.

11. Google Workspace

Best for: Gmail users needing Gmail for business uses
Pricing: Starts from $72/yearIf you’re a fan of Gmail and want to use it for business, consider upgrading to Google Workspace.


  • You can host your company email accounts in Gmail without learning the ins and outs of a new email management system like Zoho Mail.
  • Some of the paid Gmail features include 2x the amount of storage, no ads, access to support, and unlimited group email addresses so you can set up email addresses for every department.
  • As you would expect, you’ll have access to your company emails in your Gmail app, so it’s a great option if you’re already in the Google ecosystem.


  • There are no desktop tools for productivity. Thankfully you can integrate timetoreply with Gmail to enhance the functionality of Google Workspace.
  • Many users complain about a distinct lack of customer support, so inexperienced users may struggle.

Wrapping Up

Once you take control of your inbox, your email can become a powerful tool. Until then, it can be a messy source of distraction and anxiety. The email management tools and software we’ve included here are all great options that will help you do different things, but the end goal is always the same. Make your email work for you.

If you’re seeking an easy-to-use email tracking software tool that easily integrates with any email environment and immediately starts delivering accurate insights into a broad range of email metrics, then timetoreply is right for you. It offers integration with a broad range of third-party applications, world-class security and the ability to set and track custom SLAs.

If you’re ready to improve your email productivity, start your free trial with timetoreply today.

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