Are you managing a smaller business that is looking to grow? Of course, all businesses want to improve their sales, but perhaps you have arrived at a point where you believe it is time to branch out, to take a step forward in the market place? It’s a difficult achievement, yet we are confident that we can help, and in a way you might not have considered. We are timetoreply, and we have devised a clever and effective business tool that will help you improve your enquiry response times – an area of business that is often less efficient than it should be.

For example, Forbes – a respected name in commerce – has discovered that, on average, more than 70% of leads generated online are wasted, mainly down to not responding to the enquiry quickly enough. You are more likely to get the business if you are the first to respond, and in a competitive market, timetoreply can help you streamline your response times and be the one who gets their first. We offer you a monitoring facility and reporting ability that allows you to accurately assess where any problems are in the operation of your team, and we are confident you will be impressed.

At timetoreply we also believe in offering you value for money – after all, we know that smaller, growing businesses do not have vast budgets – and that’s why we believe you will like our pricing structure. We have aimed timetoreply firmly at smaller businesses, and that price is according to the number of agents you intend to monitor. Indeed, we offer you the first free, so you can try timetoreply on three agents and see just how it will help you improve. Why not get on touch now, and one of the timetoreply team will be more than happy to help.

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