timetoreply works with your existing web form provided that it is setup as follows:

The destination of where the form sends the enquiry to must be your unique @timetoreply.com email address. This is found under the CHANNELS section in the dashboard. The enquiry will then automatically be sent to your agent(s) that you have setup in your timetoreply dashboard already.

The “From” address must be set to the email address that is entered by the person who completes your web form.

If you have those two things in place, timetoreply will work with your existing web form!

We recommend using the Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress if you want to use a custom form on your WordPress website.

If you are using Contact Form 7, your To: and From: fields should look similar to this:


To get to this page, login to your WordPress Dashboard, click on “Contact” from the left menu, select the form you want to edit.

Note: your To: address must include YOUR unique @timetoreply.com and not the one in the image above.

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