If you don’t believe that quick email responses can have a hugely positive effect on your sales figures and customer service levels, it’s definitely time to find out the truth with timetoreply!  This online tool developed by the team at timetoreply, will show the whole picture clearly, and if it’s an especially frightening picture, will give you the analytics and metrics you need to change it completely!

Do yourself a favour and use the magic of Google to do the research yourself, the guys at timetoreply have, you will find that there is one glaring truth, although the percentages vary here and there, there is no getting away from the power of quick email response times.

When that email hits the deck, you and your sales team need to be ready to grab and run with it, it’s the best way to earn stunning points for customer service and to really engage with customers.  Even if the initial email enquiry does not lead to a sale, your quick response to them lets them know who to come to the next time they are in the market for your services or products, with confidence!

If you’re worried about the security and privacy of your emails, you can relax, timetoreply makes your security their top priority and your data remains completely private.  Timetoreply does not do any more than analyse email headers to measure email reply times in order to produce the reports designed to be a fantastic tool for measuring exactly how email traffic is managed in your company.

Timetoreply does not in any way affect your mail, their job is to let loose their very enthusiastic algorithm to calculate the average email reply time, and then to hand you all the analytics you could possibly need to inject a lot more enthusiasm into your sales team!

Leader-boards are a great way to add a lot more enthusiasm to your team; let them know that you that you have installed the software and wait to see how the competition hots up for being fastest off the mark.  Although timetoreply does not read your mail or change it in any way, it does give you the power of metrics that will help you to adjust your marketing to increase contact rates with customers.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you will be able to judge the quality of the responses to emails sent to the individual members of your sales team and not just the speed, as well as have a firm grip on exactly how many emails each agent received.

If you already know how important quick responses are, or if your research has shown you their importance, then you are more than ready to talk to the guys at timetoreply about just how quickly you can set up your dashboard with minimum hassle.

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