With the proliferation of online and web based industries your choice in how you respond to customer queries and how long it takes to respond to them is the difference between success and failure as an internet service provider.

Responding to your customers quickly and professionally makes a lasting impression on your corporate image, and if you are able to make your customer feel that they are important enough to you to warrant a quick email response, there is no doubt that you will be on a journey to the top of your industry.

Everyone wants to know that they count, especially in the fast-paced world of online sales and marketing, and by taking too long to respond to enquiries, your business is sending the message to the customer that they really do not count, or perhaps you just don’t need the business.

There is no business in this online world who can afford to lose sales simply because of slow or non-existent response times.  This is a reality based on the facts that have emerged through research collated in recent years and is well worth paying attention to.

Timetoreply has created the perfect tool that empowers you to take control of turning your sales around completely by simply making use of tested methods to apply a set of tools that enable you to analyse how well your sales teams are responding to email enquiries they receive.  This innovative tool has been developed by timetoreply to work with any existing email programme and does not require the installation of any software.

If you would like to give timetoreply a trial run, please contact us and we will set you up to make use of this fantastic tool for up to 3 agents completely free, in order to see for yourself the impact that improved response times to enquiries will have on turning your enquiries and leads into sales.


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